Adorable Children

Boxes Of Goodness

| USA | Adorable Children, Holidays

(I am working the register a little before the Easter season begins when a woman and her three-year-old daughter approach me.)

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Customer: “I’m good. Do you remember those boxes of food that you guys were selling for the food bank around Thanksgiving?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Well I was just wondering if you are going to be selling them again during the Easter season?”

Me: “No, unfortunately we only sell them around Thanksgiving.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. I was just wondering because my daughter saved up all her money during that time and bought two or three boxes with it.”

Me: *to her daughter* “That’s awesome!! You’re such a good little girl!”

(It made me smile to think about a three-year-old making a huge difference to families who wouldn’t have food otherwise.)

Kind Strangers Kindness

A Quarter Of Kindness Gets You The Whole Way

| Baltimore, MD, USA | Kind Strangers

I’m at a grocery chain where you have to put in a quarter to unlock a cart. I get mine, but I notice a flustered and annoyed-looking lady fishing through her purse to find a quarter, then I see her start back to her car. I call to her and fish a quarter out of my pocket. I’m in a good mood, just feel like helping out, and figure twenty-five cents isn’t going to kill me. She thanks me profusely; I just smile, say “You’re welcome,” and go on my way without thinking about it.

After I’m done, I’m getting all my stuff together and getting ready to leave when she comes up to me. “Here you are! Thank you!” and handed me a quarter. “Thank you again!” she said, and we both laughed. It was such a small thing, but we both walked away smiling. I felt good, and I hope I made her day better.

Adorable Children

A Drive To Be Kind

| Aarhus, Denmark | Adorable Children, Transportation

(I’m working as a cashier in a big supermarket, and this evening I am sitting at a desk at our Garden Department. A woman, who seems to be in a hurry, comes up to my till.)

Me: “Good evening.”

Customer: “Hi. I just needed a small plant, and it HAS to be a rose.”

Me: “Oh, that’s a nice rose you found yourself. ”

Customer: “Yeah, I think so. My son told me that we needed to buy a small thing, and that it HAD to be a rose. You see, my son has special needs, so when he goes to school in the morning he is picked up by a taxi. But because he has special needs he really likes when it’s the same person picking him up, so he can get comfortable with the person. Unfortunately, the woman he drove with some time ago was given new routes, so she couldn’t pick him up. But today she called us to say that she is getting her old routes back, which means that she will come tomorrow and pick up my son again. And he is so happy that he would like to give her a rose, because it’s her favourite flower.”

Me: “Wow, what a nice kid. And I’m happy that he will have the same driver again.”

Customer: “Me, too, especially because our mornings get a bit easier now.”

Me: “I’m glad to hear that. Here you go; have a nice evening.”

Customer: “Thank you, and you, too.”

Respect Your Elders Children

Be The Change (Giver) You Want To See In The World

| Scotland, UK | At The Checkout, Kind Strangers, Money, Respect Your Elders

(I am serving an elderly man at the checkouts — nothing unusual, as the local area has both sheltered housing and lots of bungalows.)

Me: “All right, your total is [amount].”

(Man #1 gives me change from his coin purse; I count it up.)

Me: “Sorry, sir, this is a pound short.”

(Man #1 opens his coin purse again, but it’s mostly coppers. If it has been less than 50 pence I could have used coupons, but as it is, there’s not much I can do. The next man in line catches my eye and puts a pound coin on the conveyer belt. I pick it up and add it to the others.)

Me: “Oh! Sorry, sir, one of the coins was hiding! That’s [amount].”

(Man #1 brightens up.)

Man #1: “That’s fine, lassie; happens to all of us.”

Me: “Enjoy your day!”

(Man #2 steps forward.)

Me: “Thank you.”

Man #2: “It’s fine; hopefully someone would help my dad if he was a bit short.”

(I ended up using a 50p coupon for Man #2, based on a tiny dent on a cereal box. Not really supposed to for such tiny, near non-existent damage, but I was really glad to that man, both for helping the elderly gentleman and for doing so in a way that let him keep his pride!)

Pay It Forward Is Ballooning

| St. John's, NL, Canada | Pay It Forward, Popular

(I have been hired to make and sell balloon animals outside a newly opened grocery store. A young boy who looks about four years old approaches me.)

Boy: “I want a giraffe!”

Me: “Balloon animals are $2 each.”

Boy: “I don’t have money.”

Me: “Sorry, but you need to pay.”

(The boy waits beside me for his mother to finish paying for her groceries. The boy’s mother calls him over and they both walk out of sight. An older man walks up to me.)

Me: “Hello, sir.”

(He appears to be looking for something.)

Me: “Would you like a balloon animal?”

Man: “Oh… no, thanks. I was going to get one for that kid but I don’t see him anywhere.”

Me: “I think they left but that’s very nice of you.”

Man: “I still want to help someone out. Here…” *hands me a $50 bill* “If that happens again just give them a balloon for free.”

(The old man walked off before I had a chance to thank him. More kids bought balloon animals that day and paid for them but it was still nice knowing that I wouldn’t leave anyone disappointed.)

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