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Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 6

| Boston, MA, USA | Kind Strangers

(Back when I was a starving college student, I managed to scrape together money to get a plane ticket home for break, mostly by living on ramen. I was on the shuttle bus from the subway station to the airport terminal and a very poorly dressed homeless man got on. It was December and he had only a long sleeve tee shirt. He was asking everyone on the bus for spare change, and was mostly being ignored. I had a few coins to give him, but not enough to really help him out. He sat down looking dejected, and a young guy went and sat next to him.)

Young Guy: “You hungry, sir?”

Man: “I just need some soup or something.”

Young Guy: “Here’s 10 bucks. And here…”

(At this, Young Guy took off his jacket, put it around the man’s shoulders, then grabbed his things and got off to catch his flight. The man was stunned, and several people were inspired to give the man a few more dollars. Whoever you are, dude, you inspired a whole bus of folks that day.)

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Driving Home The Kindness, Part 10

| Springfield, MA, USA | Transportation

(My mother is in the hospital and our car isn’t working. My adult son and I either have the option of taking the bus downtown and transferring to the one that goes near our house, or taking one that goes directly to our neighborhood and walking a mile to get home. Please note, it’s the dead of winter. A cab pulls up.)

Cab Driver: “Aren’t you that crossing guard? I go by your corner all the time! Get in; I’ll give you a ride!”

Me: “No, thanks, we’re okay.”

Cab Driver: “I’m going right by your corner anyway. Hop in!”

(So we did. He wouldn’t even take a tip!)

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Kind Strangers Kindness

Drunk On Wonderful People

| Finland | Kind Strangers

(I am taking a walk. Three men who look like they probably stay at a nearby shelter for homeless alcoholics and drug addicts are sitting on a park bench, drinking beer.)

Men: “Hello!”

Me: “Hi.”

Man #1: “How are you doing?”

Me: “Well, I’m doing fine; just taking a walk.”

Man: “You’re a wonderful person, you know. Most people won’t even look at us. If we say hello to them they’ll just turn up their nose and look away. That makes us feel bad, you know. We are people too, even if we drink too much.”

Me: “Well, I just think it’s polite to respond when someone talks to you.”

(We chat a little more and he repeats what a wonderful person he thinks I am, while the other two, who don’t really seem able to speak clearly, nod in agreement. Then I decide to continue my walk.)

Me: “Well, I’m going to continue…”

Man #1: “Have a good day! I wish you all the best! Remember that you are a wonderful person!”

(I’m glad I could brighten their day a little. They certainly brightened mine.)


TGI Pieday

| Orlando, FL, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Food & Drink

(I am a substitute teacher, subbing for a middle school agriculture class.)

Me: *working on getting ready for the next class*

Woman: *walks in holding something* “Hello!”

Me: “Hi, is there something you need?”

Woman: *handing over the item, to which I realize it is an apple pie* “Today is pie day, so here is an apple pie in honor of today.”

(I pause as I stare at the pie in her hands, realizing she thinks I’m the actual teacher.)

Me: “Actually, I’m just a substitute teacher. I’ll leave this for the actual teacher in her mini fridge.” *given the pie and about to put it away*

Woman: “Wait a moment!” *rushes off and comes back a minute later with another pie* “Here, for you!”

Me: *stunned* “Um, but—”

Woman: “It’s pie day, and I would love for you to have a pie to commemorate that. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a substitute or not. Happy Pie Day!” *hands over pie and leaves*

(I smiled widely as I love pie, and it was a nice gesture that she didn’t mind not only giving one pie to the actual teacher, but to a substitute as well! I’ll never forget that!)


Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 3

| Burlington, ON, Canada | Burlington, ON, Canada | Transportation

(Every day after work I would catch the same bus, at the same time, with the same driver. One day I’m walking across the street to the bus stop and put my bus pass in my coat pocket as I normally do. I sit in the bus shelter waiting for the bus and when it pulls up, I reach into my pocket and find that my bus pass is no longer there. I quickly decide that I’ll just tell the driver to go ahead and I figure I’ll call my mom to see if she can pick me up, or else call a taxi.)

Me: “It’s okay; go ahead. I seem to have lost my pass.”

Driver: “Come on in. I see you every day; I’m not leaving you behind!”

(I got on the bus and thanked her profusely. It was the middle of January and snowy and freezing cold so I was happy to be out of the weather and on my way home. The next day I wrote an email to the bus company, thanking the driver and acknowledging that while it’s probably frowned upon to let passengers on for free, I truly did appreciate her kind gesture. I continued to see her every day for a few more weeks until the drivers did their quarterly route change-up. I don’t know that the bus company ever told her about my email, but I hope she knows how thankful I was.)

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