Makes Sure You Pass, Not Pass Out

| Lethbridge, AB, Canada | Awesome, Employees, Transportation

I have to take the city bus to get to the elementary school where I’m doing my education practicum (basically shadowing another teacher and teaching his class part time). I also work full time evening shifts at a liquor store, and with planning my lessons on top of that I’m typically able to sleep from only three am to six am. If I miss a day of school or show up late, I risk being kicked out of my program.

After a few weeks of taking the bus, almost always with the same driver, I pass out shortly after getting on. The driver stopped at my usual stop, walked to the back of the bus, and woke me up so that I wouldn’t be late. Without his act of kindness I would let down my students and could have been kicked out of my program.

So thank you to all those bus drivers who go the extra mile!

Towards the end of my practicum he started driving a different route. On my last day I brought a coffee card for his replacement and one for her to pass on to him.

That’s A-Meow-zing!

| Norfolk, England, UK | Awesome, Money, Pets & Animals

(I was in the car driving when this came on the radio. A cat had been shot repeatedly in the head by someone with an airsoft gun and had been brought into a veterinary clinic. The cat had no owner that the clinic knew of, and they were using a very popular radio station to advertise the cat’s plight and raise money to try and save it. They needed a grand total of £4,000 as the clinic has decided to foot half the bill. People call up to donate, or go into the clinic, and it’s very quick that they managed to get £500 when this call comes through.)

Host: “You’re through to [Radio Channel]; can I take your name?”

Caller: “I don’t want to give it. I want to donate, though.”

Host: “Okay, that’s great! How much do you want to donate?”

Caller: “I want to pay £7,500.”

(The host and vet representative are clearly shocked, and explain how much they’re looking for because of the split.)

Caller: “I understand that, but I don’t want the clinic to do that. It’s a nice thing to do, but they have other animals to save and I don’t want them to suffer with this. I don’t have children. I lost my husband. I don’t have to worry about overheads but I have a LOT of money. I want to pay for the entirety of the cat’s surgery. And, if no-one claims that poor cat, I’d like to give that cat a home.”

(It moved the host, the representative, me, and I’m sure a lot more listeners to tears. We later found out that the lady who donated did take the cat, and she calls up now and then to keep them posted on how he’s doing.)

Not Looking This Gift Horse In The Mouth

| Cleveland, OH, USA | Holidays, Transportation

(Around Christmas-time, I’m walking to the bus stop from work, a trip that takes about ten minutes. It’s cold and dark and I’m just going about my business walking where I need to go. I pass by a horse-drawn carriage getting set up and admire the horse as I walk past. By the time I get to a crosswalk, the carriage is ready and the horse starts moving. I cross in front of the carriage, jokingly thinking to myself that I don’t want to get run over by a horse. A few moments later the driver calls out to me.)

Driver: “Hey, you!”

(I turn around, hoping I didn’t somehow do something wrong.)

Driver: “Hop in!”

Me: “Oh, thank you!”

(I ended up getting a free ride to the bus stop via horse-drawn carriage. Once we got there, I had to thank the driver again.)

Me: “Thanks again.”

Driver: “No problem. Merry Christmas!”

Saving Her And Saving Them A Ticket

| Long Island, NY, USA | Awesome, Employees

(I’m working my very first job at 16 years old. I work in a small, privately owned movie theater. This theater only has three screens, so even when it’s busy, it’s not really packed. This takes place about half an hour before the first screening of the day, around noon-ish. I am working concessions and the only other people in the lobby are a young girl around my age and an older, slightly creepy man. They seem to be having a conversation, but the girl looks uncomfortable. I decide to intervene.)

Me: *approached the girl* “I’m sorry, miss, but can I see your ticket?”

(The girl looks confused, but hands me her ticket.)

Me: “I’m sorry, miss, but there’s a problem with your ticket. Could you come with me?”

(I lead the girl outside.)

Me: “Do you know that man?”

Girl: *obviously relieved* “No! He just started talking to me; I’m supposed to meet my friends here!”

Me: “All right, stay out here until your friends arrive. If there’s any more trouble, just come get me and I’ll take care of it.”

(At this point the girl was so relieved she was near tears. I kept an eye on her through the window to make sure she was safe until her friends came.)

Time Stops For No Man, But Train Stops For One

| UK | Awesome, Transportation

(I am on a train from London that isn’t supposed to be stopping for another hour or so, but we find the train stopping for a couple of minutes at an earlier station. I don’t think much of it, until the following announcement.)

Tannoy: “Hello. Just to update you all, we have just made an unscheduled stop at [Station] because a customer just received some very sad news of a family member passing and therefore wants to return to London. We decided to stop early so she could get a return train sooner to get back to her family. We hope you accept our apologies for this short delay.”

(Whilst the situation was sad, it was nice to see that the train company had that kind of compassion, as they are very strict about unscheduled stops usually!)