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Grandma’s Cake Cures All

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(This is actually a happy story, not an angry one! The fairly new cafe/bakery kitchen I work at is mostly run by young, enthusiastic but non-professional workers. Our boss has encouraged us to try out new recipes we find interesting, and if they sell well they’re added to the menu. On this day I’ve baked an apple and fruit cake that I’ve learnt from my grandma. A customer comes in early, while I’m transferring it onto a plate for the display case, and gasps.)

Customer: “This smell! What is that smell?”

Me: “Probably this fresh-baked cake!” *holding up the plate*

Customer: “I smells like my grandma’s kitchen!”

Me: “Funny enough, it is a recipe from MY grandma.”

(The customer buys a slice of the cake and coffee and returns his dishes when he’s done.)

Customer: “It even tastes like my grandma’s cake. Incredible. Did you steal my grandmother?” *laughs*

Me: *also laughing* “Yep, we have her in the kitchen right now, making more cakes.”

Customer: “Oh, she would’ve probably loved doing that. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.”

Me: “Oh, gosh, I’m sorry—”

Customer: “No, you couldn’t have known. You made me very happy with this cake today! Thank you!”

(The customer has become a regular, returning once a week to buy a piece of the cake — which has also become a staple in our menu. I have by now given him the recipe, with my boss’ permission, but he still comes in ‘for the feeling of having grandma bake it.’ I love this guy.)

A Helping Hand Is On The Menu

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This is few years ago when I am a struggling college student. I work 40 hours a week at a coffee shop and take nine units in school, all I can manage with my workload, I also spend three nights a week at my grandmother’s house 40 miles away because she has dementia and we don’t want to put her in a home.

My work schedule is Sunday-Thursday with school Monday-Wednesday. I get off work on Thursday and drive straight to my grandmother’s to relieve my mother. I then stay with my grandmother Thursday – Sunday, going home Sunday morning to close my store.

In the same shopping center as my work is a Turkish restaurant that I go to whenever I have a little bit of extra money, for a treat. The owner is also a regular of the coffee shop where I work. One day he asks me about the change in my schedule, because before I started taking care of my grandmother I always worked Friday nights. I tell him about my grandmother and that I have to leave right after work on Thursdays.

For the next six months while I took care of my grandmother he or his wife always stopped by on Thursday with dinner for me and would refuse payment. If I tried to pay while they weren’t at the restaurant the money would wind up with the food the next week. Not only were they providing me with food, most of it was things that weren’t on the menu and that they had made special for me. It was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me and became a bright spot in my otherwise hectic week.

Never Getting Sick Of Pizza

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(A family in our neighborhood has recently returned from Disney World, where their unvaccinated children contracted measles. Even after showing symptoms, they continue to go to the store, school, church, etc., until they finally went to the doctor and the Health Department put them in quarantine. Unfortunately, by this point, half the neighborhood has been exposed, including my infant son, who is far too young to receive the MMR yet. My husband also can’t find his vaccination records, so we are also quarantined in our home for 3 weeks — the usual length of time by which symptoms will show.)

Me: *two weeks into quarantine* “I would kill for a pizza right now.”

Husband: “Me, too. I’d commit any number of unspeakable crimes for some pepperoni.”

Me: “I wonder if there’s a way for them to deliver without breaking quarantine?”

Husband: “I don’t know.”

Me: *starts dialing* “Only one way to find out. Hello? I have kind of a strange request.”

Employee: “Ooookay?”

Me: “You know the measles outbreak? We were exposed, so we’re quarantined in our home. Don’t worry, no signs of anything wrong, but it’s better to be safe. But we’re dying for some pizza.”

Employee: “Man, that sucks! I’m sorry.”

Me: “Thanks. Is there anyway we could pay everything, including tip, on the card in advance, and have your driver just leave the pies on the trunk of our car outside? Then I can grab them after he leaves, so we don’t risk breaking the quarantine.”

Employee: “Yeah, we can make that work. Let me just make a note…” *silence for a few moments* “Okay, so what kind of pizza do you want?”

Me: *orders a couple of pizzas, a bottle of soda, breadsticks, etc.* “Thank you so much!”

Employee: “No prob. That should be there in about half an hour. Let us know if you need anything else. Hope you get out soon!”

(Thirty minutes later, my phone rings.)

Driver: “Hi! You ordered pizza a la car, right?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s us.”

Driver: “Okay. Your order is on the trunk of the [describes car] with the [license plate]. Is that right?”

Me: “Yes! Thanks. You don’t know how much we appreciate this!”

Driver: “It’s not a bother. I’ve pulled out and I’m down the road. Please come out and check your pizzas and let me know if there’s a problem. Bye!” *hangs up*

(I quickly stepped out and checked the pizzas. They were correct, and there was a note on a second, extra bottle of soda, wishing us luck from everyone at the store. I looked up to see the driver grinning like a fool. She gave me two thumbs up, mouthed “It’s going to be okay!”, and drove off. Thanks, pizza folks, for making a scary and stressful time a little more bearable!)

Souped Up Kindness

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(I’m a university student struggling through my busiest day of the week on little sleep when I decide to get some lunch. I stop at a cafe on campus, planning on getting some soup since it’s cold outside.)

Cafe Worker: “I’m afraid we’re out of soup today.”

Me: “Oh, um, I guess I’ll have [sandwich], then.”

(I go to pay and realize I don’t have very much money on me, which adds to my already growing stress levels.)

Me: *exhausted and near tears* “I’m so sorry; I was only planning on getting soup so I’m short money for the sandwich. I can run back to my dorm; I think I have time.”

Cafe Worker: *shakes head and smiles* “So that’s one small soup. Your total is [total]. Have a great day.”

(I’ve since graduated but I haven’t forgotten the small act of kindness that helped an exhausted and very stressed out student get through the rest of that day.)

The Big Goodbye

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I have been working about six months in a food service job when I get a call stating that I have been offered a government job from a previous interview and that it is mine provided I can pass a background check. I let my manager know, along with the understanding that I won’t put my notice in until the background check clears.

Over the next few weeks, I make sure to let my other coworkers and some of my regulars know, as I’ve grown to have a good relationship with them. I did expect a good-bye on my last day; however, I didn’t expect the three specific things that happened during my last shift.

Firstly, one of my breakfast regulars said how proud he was of me and that he’d really seen me grow as a professional while I’d worked there. I appreciated him saying that given I’d definitely had some screw-ups in my time.

Secondly, three women who had been using our lounge to study for their nursing exams presented me with a Starbucks gift card, and a table of women who liked to come in after their swim lessons gave me a card with sixty dollars in it.

I was practically walking on air for the rest of the shift, but the real kicker was at the very end as I was packing up to leave. One of the managers, someone who had been tough but fair with me, came up to me and after taking back my apron, said, “Just so you know, we’re all so proud of you for landing this federal job, and if you ever need it, you’ll always have a job here if things get tight.” I never had to fall back on that, but as I walked out that day to go home, I couldn’t restrain a smile and some small tears of gratitude.

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