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Patience Is Its Own Reward, But I Won’t Say No To Coffee!

| Geneva, Switzerland | At The Checkout, Food & Drink, Transportation

(I’m waiting in line for my coffee in my usual coffee shop. There are two ladies in front of me. The one just before me is a very chic-dressed, unsmiling lady on the phone. She keeps getting out of the queue while talking on her phone, coming back in in front of me, looking at the display case, then out again. It gets unclear whether she’s still queuing or not. When my turn comes, she’s been gone a while. I start to order but she barges back in, without a “sorry” and orders her own food. Since she WAS there before me, I have better things to do than argue, but the barista and I exchange a look. She orders and leaves. She never let go of her phone.)

Barista: “Good afternoon! Sorry about that, and thanks for your patience.”

Me: “It’s okay. She was like those cars that don’t have their blinkers on, but you KNOW they’re going to switch lanes!”

(He agreed with me and gave me a free drink for being always smiling and pleasant! It was worth being patient for!)

Kind Strangers Kindness

Spoon-Feeding Nice Gestures

| Nottingham, England, UK | Food & Drink, Kind Strangers

(I’m travelling to visit my family for some much needed recuperation, after being quite unwell for several weeks. It’s a long day, it’s mid-November, the train is delayed, and I only have a yogurt for dinner. The refreshment cart and its handler are passing through.)

Me: “Excuse me; do you happen to have a plastic spoon?”

Cashier: *checks the cart* “Nope. Doesn’t look like it. What are you eating?”

Me: “Yogurt.”

Cashier: “Oh. That’s too bad. I’d have given you two stirrers to use like chopsticks.”

Me: “I’d have taken that, too!”

(The cashier laughed and went off. I settled back to my seat, and about a minute later he showed up with something wrapped in a napkin.)

Cashier: “Now, you can have this if you promise to give it back to the kitchen when you’ve finished.”

(He got me a spoon! It’s such a small gesture, but it meant a lot after the few weeks I’ve had. The kicker? I was reading Not Always Hopeless during this story…)


Not So Random Acts Of Kindness

| Liberty, NY, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome, Food & Drink, Non-Dialogue

I am a young (21-year-old, married) mother of the most adorable seven-month-old baby girl. I recently found out that I am pregnant again and am feeling pretty miserable. In addition, my husband left on a business trip the week before and got delayed for another two days, adding up to almost two weeks. So, all in all, I am not a very happy camper.

Since my husband has the car, Baby and I joined my parents at a trip to [Large Grocery Chain]. As we are leaving I realize that I have forgotten to pay for a couple of baby items, so I go back to the cashier that served me and explain the situation. Since she is already serving the white-haired gentleman behind me, I step aside to wait until they are done.

The gentleman takes my items from the bagging area, has the cashier swipe them and hands them to me. I am so surprised that I sort of squeak out a thank you and just stare. My mom immediately protests and pulls out cash to repay him. He looks at her, smiles and says, “Haven’t you heard of random acts of kindness?”

His random act of kindness really meant a lot more to this random young woman than he can ever imagine.

Kind Strangers Kindness

How To Beat The Heat

| NJ, USA | Food & Drink, Kind Strangers

(In the middle of a summer heat wave my store’s AC blows out. Both the landlord and the company obstinately refuse to pay to fix it, each insisting it’s the other’s responsibility. Meanwhile the AC is out for two weeks, during which the coolest day we have is 95°. It gets to the point where my manager tells us we’re “on strike” – we still have to help our customers, but other than that he tells us not to do any normal chores like restocking, sweeping, straightening the shelves, or unpacking shipment, and gives us permission to sit behind the counter in front of a large table fan instead of circulating the store. I’m ringing up a customer about a week-and-a-half into this Hell and she, like many others, promises to call and complain to corporate on our behalf. Then, at the end of the transaction:)

Me: “And you’re all set! Have a great day!”

Customer: “Thank you, sweetie. Is there anything I can do for you? Want me to run over to [Fast Food Place] and get you a water bottle?”

Me: “Thank you very much, but I think I’ll be OK.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yeah, but thank you!”

(The customer leaves and I sit in front of the fan again. We usually have a stash of bottled water in our refrigerator but we’ve run out, and though I am painfully thirsty I’m not sure I’m allowed to accept customer gifts, which is why I declined the offer. A few minutes later I realize the customer left her credit card on the counter, so I pull up her phone number from our rewards program and leave her a voicemail informing her that it’s in the store’s safe when she has a chance to pick it up. About fifteen minutes later the customer returns.)

Me: “Oh, good, you got my voicemail! Let me get your credit card from the safe, one sec.”

Customer: “Thank you so much, honey! I started to panic when I couldn’t find it.”

(I retrieve the credit card and hand it to the customer. In return she hands me a two-liter bottle of chilled spring water from a nearby convenience store. I stare in surprise and she smiles at me.)

Customer: “I figured there was a reason I forgot it. You take care now.”

(I couldn’t thank her enough! That water probably kept me from passing out the rest of the day!)


The Cutest Little Cupcake

| MD, USA | Adorable Children, Food & Drink

(My rock climbing team has a wide age range. The youngest on our team is a little girl who just turned nine. She melts everyone’s hearts with her adorableness and endless energy. To celebrate her birthday she brought homemade cupcakes to practice.)

Birthday Girl: “Do you guys know the right way to eat a cupcake?”

Teammate: “Oh yeah I do! You cut it in half and put the bottom part on top so it becomes a sandwich!”

Everyone: *blank stares*

Birthday Girl: *like she’s talking to a toddler* “No, I just shove it in my mouth.”

(Me, too, hon. Me, too. For the record, the cupcakes were amazing no matter how you ate them.)

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