Will Be Walking Tall Today

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(I work at a popular sub franchise. There are three locations in town and we are the most recommended for our great customer service. My roommate comes in time and time again to get food. On this day he comes by to check his mail and get a quick meal. My co-worker is running late and I’m handling a small rush by myself. I finally get to the last lady in line who is obviously new to the area and has an accent I’m not familiar with. Her sandwich is simple and I get her through the process quite quickly. As I’m ringing her out she asks where a specific church is. Sadly, I do not go to any of the churches in town so I am not familiar with which church she is talking about. The customer only knows that it is downtown, which is not far but could take 30 minutes with a brisk walk. I look to my roommate for help and he intervenes. He and I both look up the church she is looking for and confirms it’s right behind the bank in downtown.)

Customer: “Thank you both so much! I have to walk down there and I wanted to make sure I was going the right way.”

Roommate: “No problem! You know, I can easily give you a ride to the church. I know my way around the area and it’s not far. It’s a long walk. I’m only here to bother her.” *points to me*

Customer: *obviously flustered and on the verge of tears* “I… I don’t know. That’s so nice of you. I would appreciate it so much. I am not from around here, so it’s so nice of you!”

(My roommate insists on her finishing her sandwich in the store as he has nowhere to be. As they continue talking about the area, he gives her his phone number in case of emergencies. She is absolutely flustered and grateful at the offer and assistance that she nearly cries multiple times. By the time they are leaving, we offer her some water bottles to take with her and anything else she may need.)

Roommate: “All right, I’ll be right back.”

Me: “No problem, drive safe.” *pulls him to the side and whispers* “Free meal for you tonight, man.”

(Sometimes small things like rides can prove to be something life changing. I don’t think you should always lend a helping hand for your safety, but sometimes it is honestly the best thing you can do.)

A Helping Hand Is On The Menu

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This is few years ago when I am a struggling college student. I work 40 hours a week at a coffee shop and take nine units in school, all I can manage with my workload, I also spend three nights a week at my grandmother’s house 40 miles away because she has dementia and we don’t want to put her in a home.

My work schedule is Sunday-Thursday with school Monday-Wednesday. I get off work on Thursday and drive straight to my grandmother’s to relieve my mother. I then stay with my grandmother Thursday – Sunday, going home Sunday morning to close my store.

In the same shopping center as my work is a Turkish restaurant that I go to whenever I have a little bit of extra money, for a treat. The owner is also a regular of the coffee shop where I work. One day he asks me about the change in my schedule, because before I started taking care of my grandmother I always worked Friday nights. I tell him about my grandmother and that I have to leave right after work on Thursdays.

For the next six months while I took care of my grandmother he or his wife always stopped by on Thursday with dinner for me and would refuse payment. If I tried to pay while they weren’t at the restaurant the money would wind up with the food the next week. Not only were they providing me with food, most of it was things that weren’t on the menu and that they had made special for me. It was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me and became a bright spot in my otherwise hectic week.

Moments Like This Are Golden

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My daughters and I decide to meet my mother for lunch at a restaurant one weekend. After we arrive and are seated my mother texts telling me she is running late. I decide to go ahead and order for the girls while I wait for my mom to arrive. The waiter, a young man in his early twenties, nods as we place the order stating that he understands as he has kids, too.

Each time he stops by the table to check on us we joke about the children, mine and his, eventually my mom arrives. We eat our lunch as the kids have dessert.

Finally at the end of the meal as we’re getting ready to pay the check the waiter asks if we want to see a picture of his daughter. He pulls out his phone and shows us a photo. His daughter is a golden retriever puppy with her ears done up in hairbows!

Kind Strangers Kindness

It’s All Just Bar-Talk

| PA, USA | Kind Strangers

(I am a 22-year-old woman, so waiting tables at a diner/pub I get a fair number of guys who think they’re charming being pushy or creepy to me. On this day, a clearly drunk guy (at 11 am on a Sunday, classy) in his forties is drinking at the bar and is being particularly icky. Leering, commenting on my looks, “negging,” asking personal questions, trying to brush against me when I walk by, the works. Usually I can get a coworker to help me out in these situations but the only other person working the area doesn’t think it’s a problem. I bring a young couple their brunch a few tables away, dodging yet another comment from the guy at the bar. I am flustered because of him.)

Me: “Here you go, folks. Anything else you need?”

Female Customer: *politely* “Yeah, could we maybe get some forks?”

(Of course I should have brought them silverware but I forgot because of the guy at the bar.)

Me: “Of course, ma’am, I’m so sorry about that. Just one moment.”

(I go back to get them, which unfortunately means I have to pass by the guy at the bar twice in a row, leading him to comment that I’m trying to get close to him and him touching my back as I retreat back to the couple.)

Me: “Here you are. Again, I apologize.”

Female Customer: “That’s okay.” *quietly* “Are you okay?”

Me: “Pardon me, ma’am?”

Female Customer: “Are you okay? That guy seems kind of, uh, gross.”

Male Customer: “Yeah, he’s really relentless.”

Me: “Oh, it’s fine.”

Female Customer: *giving me a knowing look* “IS it?”

Me: *my professional veneer is starting to crack because they’re being so nice* “Well, no. He’s awful. But I can handle it.”

Male Customer: “Are you sure? I could come sit up at the bar to give you a buffer if you like? Or if your manager is here I could ask them to get the creep out of here?”

(I know from experience that the manager on duty would not handle this interaction well.)

Me: “That’s very kind of you, but I wouldn’t ask you to do that.”

Female Customer: “I think that maybe we would prefer to eat at the bar. What do you think, honey?”

Male Customer: “I’d like that too. Would you object to that, ma’am?”

Me: *glancing back over at the guy at the bar, who is leering again* “No, sir. I would not object.”

(They took their meals up and Male Customer (who was quite tall and imposing) sat next to the creep. Just them being there made the creep shut up, and he left soon after, sulking. They chatted to me for the rest of their meal, and when they left they tipped me 50%.)

Nothing But A Bunch Of Mean Girls

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(I am a server at a fairly laid back burger diner. I am in the middle of a Saturday night shift when I get a two top, a couple no older than myself. I’m 27.)

Me: “Heya, guys, how’s it going?! Can I grab you something to drink to start out with this evening?”

Female Customer: “Hmm.” *eyeing over the menu looking at our milkshakes*

Me: “Were you maybe thinking about some milkshakes? We have some really good ones.” *lists flavors*

Female Customer: *laughing* “Babe! She’s a pusher!”

Male Customer: “Oh, my goodness. Haha!”

Female Customer: “I’m a pusher lady. I’m a pusher!”

(Understanding that my table is quoting ‘Mean Girls’ I start laughing too.)

Me: “Oh, my goodness, I love that movie!”

Female Customer: “We just watched it; I’m a big fan.”

(They order a couple rootbeer floats and when I go back to take their order this happens:)

Female Customer: “Okay. I’ll have a [Burger] and a [Side].”

Male Customer: “And I’ll have the same.”

Me: “Aw, man, I was kinda hoping you would get a Caesar salad.” *voice getting high and kinda frantic as on par with the movie quote* “SO WE CAN TOTALLY STAB IT!”

(They look at me like I just grew six heads.)

Female Customer: “Whaa?”

Me: “Oh, my god, I’m sorry! It was a joke. I was just kinda quoting the movie. You know? ‘We should just totally stab Caesar’? I’m sorry.” *awkward chuckle*

(They burst out laughing.)

Female Customer: “Oh, my goodness! You’re at a ten and imma need you to come back done to a three! Haha.”

Me: “Haha, okay, I’m sorry about that.”

(They get their food and everything is great. I go to drop off their check.)

Me: “I just wanted to let you guys know that I paid for your root beer floats tonight because I’m kind of a weirdo and I wanted to apologize for earlier.”

(They look at each other is disbelief and get huge smiles.)

Female Customer: “Haha, well, ‘You can’t sit with us!’ That’s great! You were okay. It was funny.”

Me: “Okay, good. Haha, I don’t know what it is, but when someone starts quoting ‘Mean Girls’ I just can’t stop. Like right now I suppressing the urge to ask you if you guys had ‘an awesome time drinking your awesome shooters’ with your awesome friends!”

(They lose it again and just start laughing.)

Female Customer: “Well, that’s it; I think you’re a bigger fan than I am!”

(They come up to pay the bill and my manager cashes them out.)

Me: “You guys have a great night!”

Them: “You, too!”

Me: “You go, Glenn Coco!”

(They left and my manager said that they told him they left me something at the table. I walked over and they had left me a note on a napkin with a $10 bill. The note said “On Wednesdays, we wear pink. :) Thank You!” This was truly one of the best customer experiences I’ve had. It was such a pleasure serving them. This encounter made my whole night and I’ve already told this story to a number of people who think it’s hilarious as well. Maybe it’s a “had to be there kind of thing” but I’ll never forget that couple.)

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