Cosplay Makes My Day, Part 2

| WI, USA | Geeks Rule, Kind Strangers

I have severe anxiety which makes it hard not only for me to get out of the house at times, but to find friends and interact with others as well. Even with my anxiety, I am super passionate about cosplaying as when I do it, I find I have a much easier time being around large crowds and don’t feel like a sore thumb that sticks out no matter what, especially given that I have a tendency to wear clothing that is not necessarily “normal” or necessarily “socially acceptable.”

At this point, my hubby has driven us and a friend to Wisconsin to go to the Ren Faire there and I had spent the month beforehand sewing an outfit to wear. I am worried about how it will go as I don’t do well around large crowds usually. Not only that, but the last time I had cosplayed/dressed up in such a way was four years prior before my diagnosis of anxiety. The entire time, though, I am getting compliments on my outfit. Not only that, but I actually got a high five from one of the performers when he found out I had made my own outfit!

Not once did I feel judged or worry about what others might think of what I was wearing at the time. It was a huge confidence boost and has made me feel more secure with my clothing choices. Now I’m going to three conventions this year with all new outfits that i have sewn since and I’m actually looking forward to being around large crowds for the first time in years!

Cosplay Makes My Day

Driving Home The Kindness, Part 12

, | Towson, MD, USA | Kind Strangers, Transportation

This happened three years ago:

My roommate and I are on our way back from the store (I am driving us in my car) when we see an assisted living bus sideswipe the living crap out of a parked pickup truck. It is almost like it is happening in slow-motion, and it makes a loud grinding noise. My roommate and I just sit there with our hands on our faces in disbelief.

I memorize the license plate number and the company written on the bus, but because my friend has to get back to our apartment to meet up with her mom and catch a flight, we have to leave immediately. I drop her off and immediately go back out to where the truck is. It is still there, so I write a note explaining exactly what happened, leaving my secondary email address in case she needs to get back to me for something. I am not sure how that kind of thing works, but if a witness is needed, I want to be available.

That night, I get an email asking for my phone number, and I provide it. The owner of the truck has called to thank me personally, and we have a nice conversation. She wants my mailing address to send me what she says is a “small gift card,” so I give her my dorm room mailbox address.

Cut to a week or so later. She mails me a nice letter saying that the company’s insurance paid for the repairs, which would have been about $2000 and a lot more of a hassle had I not written my note. She also gave me a gift card. I am expecting $10-20, but much to my surprise, it is $100! That card gets me out of a few tight spots, and even after I use it up I keep it in my car, where it still is today.

I’m terrible about getting back to people, so I never did get back to her, although now I feel like looking through my email and seeing if I can find her and let her know about this website. If she ever reads this, I’d like to say “thank you so much for your generosity, and I’m glad I was able to help you!”

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Living In The Stories We Tell

| Chicago, IL, USA | Family & Kids

Hey, y’all. I posted the story ‘Making Sure the Survivors are Surviving,’ about my amazing Grandma.

She passed away a few days ago, and I was reading through ‘Not Always Hopeless’ to try and cheer myself up when I found the story I’d posted about her. It felt like getting a little bit of her back, and it was the best I’ve felt since getting the news.

Thank you, thank you, for making things a little less hopeless.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

| Finland | Books & Reading

(I was reading a collection of Doctor Who short stories, which I’d borrowed from the library. Between the pages I found a little hand-written note, which said:)

Note In Book: “I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important. You’re special. Never forget that.”

(On the other side it was signed “-D”. It really cheered me up at a difficult time. Of course, I’m putting the note back when I return the book.)

Deploying The Tea Service

| TX, USA | Awesome, Military

(My brother is deployed and is suffering withdrawals from a particular flavored tea and asked us to send him some, which could cost us upwards of $60-80. I call the company for shipping advice even though I hate phone calls.)

Me: “Hi. I’m not sure if you know the answer, but my brother is deployed and I was wondering the best way to send two cases of flavored tea to his address.”

Rep: “Okay, I can look that up for you. What kind would he like?”

Me: “They only have the juices, so any of the flavored teas that aren’t diet would be what he wants.”

Rep: “Okay, what’s his address?”

Me: *gives address*

Rep: “Okay, this should ship in a week or so.”

Me: “Do you need a card for payment or something?”

Rep: “No, this is something we do for our service members to thank them for their service.”

Me: “Really?! Thank you! ”

Rep: “No, thank you for your family’s sacrifice!”

(They saved us money and totally made my brother’s day!)

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