A Little Christmas Kindness

| PA, USA | Holidays

(I’m a cashier at a grocery store. It is Christmas Eve.)

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Customer: “I’m fine; how are you?”

Me: “Awesome. Your total comes to $30.01 please.”

(While she is getting out a credit card, a man approaches me from behind, hands me forty dollars and says:)

Man: “Here. I’d like to pay for this woman’s groceries.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Man: “Yes.”

Me: “Thank you so much! Ten dollars is your change.”

Customer: “Okay, here’s my card.”

Me: “Ma’am, a gentleman just came up and paid for your bill!”

Customer: *begins to cry* “There are still good people in this world!”


Feeling Plush This Christmas

| Marion, VA, USA | Holidays

(I work a part-time job as a bagger at a grocery store and have recently moved into an apartment that I don’t quite make enough money to afford without using my savings. It’s my first time living alone and it has been very stressful. On top of that, the second job I applied to and was pinning my hopes on just contacted me to tell me I didn’t get the position. All told, I was having a bad day and feeling very down. Then two events happened during the same shift.)

(First Event:)

Me: *bagging groceries for an older lady, noticing a small snowman plushy* “Oh, he’s just so cute!”

Older Lady: “Isn’t he?”

(I continue to bag, playing a little with the very soft plushy the whole time. When it comes time to finish and bag the toy, I ask the lady a question.)

Me: “He’s just so adorable! I want to get one. Where were they located?”

Older Lady: “I got the last one. Here, I’ll give him to you as a Christmas present; you can have him. I only got him because I thought he was cute.”

(I protest, saying that I can’t do that to her, but she insists. Eventually, I accept, a bit overwhelmed that a stranger would give me a Christmas gift like this, on a day I am feeling so down.)

Old Lady: “Merry Christmas!”

Me: “Thank you! Merry Christmas!”

(Second Event:)

(I am called up to the front office by a manager and told that the head cashier, the boss of the front end, needs me for something in the computer room, the enclosed room where the money is counted, among other things. I go, expecting to be given a task. The lights are off in the room and my boss is there with another manager.)

Me: “I was told you wanted me for something?”

Boss: “Yes, that’s right. I have something for you. Merry Christmas!” *gestures*

(I look, and there is a miniature artificial Christmas tree, decorated and lighted up, sitting on the counter.)

Boss: “Now your apartment will have a tree!”

(Much hugging and thanking ensued. I’m truly blessed and amazed with my work family.)


Not So Random Acts Of Kindness

| Liberty, NY, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome, Food & Drink, Non-Dialogue

I am a young (21-year-old, married) mother of the most adorable seven-month-old baby girl. I recently found out that I am pregnant again and am feeling pretty miserable. In addition, my husband left on a business trip the week before and got delayed for another two days, adding up to almost two weeks. So, all in all, I am not a very happy camper.

Since my husband has the car, Baby and I joined my parents at a trip to [Large Grocery Chain]. As we are leaving I realize that I have forgotten to pay for a couple of baby items, so I go back to the cashier that served me and explain the situation. Since she is already serving the white-haired gentleman behind me, I step aside to wait until they are done.

The gentleman takes my items from the bagging area, has the cashier swipe them and hands them to me. I am so surprised that I sort of squeak out a thank you and just stare. My mom immediately protests and pulls out cash to repay him. He looks at her, smiles and says, “Haven’t you heard of random acts of kindness?”

His random act of kindness really meant a lot more to this random young woman than he can ever imagine.


As Clean As Water

| USA | Awesome, Employees

(I’ve gotten to know some of the cashiers at my local grocery store pretty well; we always chat while they’re ringing me up. One day, I make it all the way to my car with my groceries before I realize that the cashier didn’t charge me for the two cases of water under the cart. I quickly threw my bags into the car and pushed the cart back inside. There just happened to be an assistant manager standing right inside the door.)

Me: *a little breathless* “I’m so sorry! I was chatting and forgot to tell the cashier about my water under the cart.”

Asst. Manager: *looks genuinely surprised for a second, then smiles* “Don’t even worry about it, sweetie.”

Me: “I promise I have no problem paying for it.”

Asst. Manager: “Nope, it’s on us, for being so honest and actually pushing that all the way back in here.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

Asst. Manager: “You have a nice night, now!”

(Even though it wasn’t an expensive item, it was still great to have a nice encounter with the manager since I was the one who’d made the mistake.)


A Fair Degree Of Encouragement

| FL, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome

(I have put in my two weeks’ notice, as I am transferring colleges. My coworkers aren’t exactly supportive of this decision, as they think “no one needs a degree.” I am working a register when another coworker runs up to me…)

Coworker: “YOU RESIGNED?!”

Me: “Yup.

Coworker: “WHY?!”

Me: “Well, I’m transferring to [College], as they have a better program for the degree I want to get—”

Coworker: “You don’t need a degree! [Grocery Store] is a great company to work for, and they don’t require a degree!”

Me: “See, that’s the thing. I don’t want to work here forever.”

Coworker: “It’s a steady job! You’re not even guaranteed to find a job after you graduate! You’re crazy to throw this away.” *walks away*

(I roll my eyes and sigh, as I’ve had similar conversations with multiple coworkers in the last week. An older gentleman walks up to my register.)

Customer: “I couldn’t help overhearing. You are transferring to [College]?”

Me: “Yes, I am!”

Customer: “I graduated from there. So did my kids. You’ve made a good choice. You won’t have any problems finding a job after graduation.”

Me: “Thank you, sir!”

Customer: *leans in and whispers* “Don’t worry about what other people think. At the end of the day, you get to leave.” *shakes my hand* “Good luck, young lady.” *walks out*

(Two years later, I graduated with honors. I found employment in my degree field just a couple months after graduating. Thank you, nameless customer, for taking time out of your day to give me some encouragement.)

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