Grandma’s Cake Cures All

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(This is actually a happy story, not an angry one! The fairly new cafe/bakery kitchen I work at is mostly run by young, enthusiastic but non-professional workers. Our boss has encouraged us to try out new recipes we find interesting, and if they sell well they’re added to the menu. On this day I’ve baked an apple and fruit cake that I’ve learnt from my grandma. A customer comes in early, while I’m transferring it onto a plate for the display case, and gasps.)

Customer: “This smell! What is that smell?”

Me: “Probably this fresh-baked cake!” *holding up the plate*

Customer: “I smells like my grandma’s kitchen!”

Me: “Funny enough, it is a recipe from MY grandma.”

(The customer buys a slice of the cake and coffee and returns his dishes when he’s done.)

Customer: “It even tastes like my grandma’s cake. Incredible. Did you steal my grandmother?” *laughs*

Me: *also laughing* “Yep, we have her in the kitchen right now, making more cakes.”

Customer: “Oh, she would’ve probably loved doing that. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.”

Me: “Oh, gosh, I’m sorry—”

Customer: “No, you couldn’t have known. You made me very happy with this cake today! Thank you!”

(The customer has become a regular, returning once a week to buy a piece of the cake — which has also become a staple in our menu. I have by now given him the recipe, with my boss’ permission, but he still comes in ‘for the feeling of having grandma bake it.’ I love this guy.)

Society Is Transitioning


(My friend’s name is Niamh. It’s pronounced NEE-uv. She uses Neil while ordering simply for ease. She looks tomboy but still identifies as female.)

Friend: “Neil.”

Male Employee: “N-E-I-L?”

Friend: “Yes.”

Male Employee: “Okay, sir!” *smile*

Friend: “Uh, thanks.”

(She and I are still here an hour later studying when he approaches us.)

Male Employee: “I’m off shift and noticed you are still around.”

Friend: “Yeah.”

Male Employee: “I thought I’d give you these.”

(He hands her a piece a paper.)

Friend: “Oh… uh.” *surprised*

Male Employee: “I support you, Neil. You’re a handsome man. Be safe.” *waves and leaves*

Me: “Woah. That was…?”

Friend: *hands me the paper*

(The paper has many handwritten links. They are all about LGBTQ and the election. Even though he misread the situation thinking she identified as trans-guy, that was amazing support for the community. We’re giving those links to our LGBTQ friends!)

You Recognize When Something Is Amazing

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(I am working as server at a café as a summer job. I am of Chinese descent (born in Portugal) and it’s not exactly easy, since my looks catch the attention of less welcoming people. After a couple of relatively easy weeks, I run into a spree of unfriendly customers and am in a relatively bad mood.)

Customer: “Hello!”

(These are a foreign couple that I remember because they always ask for the same drinks.)

Customer: “It’s nice to see you here! We’re only staying in Portugal for four weeks and we only managed to recognize you!”

Me: “Thank you! I also remember you; you always ask for [Drink #1] and [Drink #2]. It’s a pleasure to see you!”

(Being late afternoon, it isn’t very busy so even though my boss is right next to us, he didn’t mind letting me chat with the friendly couple.)

Customer: “We’re from [European Country]. Where are you from?”

(We talk for a few minutes about my origins while they spoke of their travels, which included Beijing, China. I could tell that this person’s words were genuine.)

Customer: “We will probably never see each other again, but we will remember you. Have a nice life and thank you very much!”

(I don’t know if you’ll ever forget or if I’ll manage to remember it either. Regardless, even if the chance is astronomically small, if you’re reading this, please know that those kind and caring words that you said to a person you barely even knew made his day much brighter.)

Exterminate! Any Chances Of A Bad Birthday

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(It’s a Saturday noon and a day before my birthday. While running some errands I stop by my favourite café where I’m a regular. The owner is very friendly and pleasant and often stops to chat with me when it’s quiet. It’s worth noting are both huge geeks and big fans of ‘Doctor Who.’ The place is also known for doing 3D printing.)

Owner: “So, you’re by yourself today or are you waiting for someone?”

Me: *while drinking a hot chocolate* “Just me today. Thought I’d stop by for an early birthday hot chocolate, since you’re closed tomorrow.”

Owner: “It’s your birthday?”

Me: “Tomorrow, yeah.”

(He’s quiet for a second, then walks to one of the racks where he displays the 3D prints that are for sale. He comes back with two dalek key chains.)

Owner: “You want the grey one or the orange one?”

(I chose the orange one, gave him thousands of thanks, and kept smiling throughout the day. Best. Café. Ever!)

Adorable Children

Little Girl, Big Gesture

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(I have badly dislocated my knee and am on crutches. I’m in a lot of pain and decided to treat myself to a cake and a coffee. When I finish and head toward the door I see a little girl quivering with excitement while sitting at a table by the door with her dad.)

Little Girl: *to her dad* “Can I?!”

Dad: “Go ahead.”

(The little girl races to the door to hold it open for me.)

Me: “Thank you so much!”

Little Girl: *beaming with pride* “You’re welcome! I hope your leg gets better soon!”

(It made my day seeing her so eager to help another person and it gives me hope for the future!)

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