That’s How The Christmas Cookie Crumbles

| St. John's, NL, Canada | At The Checkout, Holidays

(We have many people working the registers this day as it is close to Christmas, I call out to the next customer at the same time that Coworker does. The customer looks between us before deciding to go to my coworker’s register.)

Me: *jokingly* “That’s okay; I’m not offended. I’ll just go cry in the corner.”

Customer: *at [Coworker]’s register* “Aw, do you need a cookie?”

Me: “Well, I never turn down a cookie!”

(The customer, Coworker, and I proceeded to have a funny conversation about never turning down a cookie unless you suspect it’s laced with poison. Some time later, the customer returned and handed me a box and said, “Don’t turn them down.” She had gone and bought a box of cookies from our cafe for all the cashiers to share. To that customer, thank you for being so kind and for making the holiday rush a little better for all of us!)

Drive It Forward, Part 2

| OK, USA | Pay It Forward, Popular, Transportation

(It doesn’t snow here that often so when it does, folks lose their minds. It may be important to this story to say I am a very tall, rather burly black man. It snows a few inches while I am at work. I generally carpool with a friend. Their offices let out early but mine does not. After work I walk over to a bookstore and make some calls, trying to get a ride home. No one wants to go out in the weather. Finally, I just decide I’ll have to ask a stranger. I stand in the door of the bookstore and look over those who are leaving. I do not ask a few women who left; I think that it might be awkward for them. A tall, young blond man steps out and I ask him if he’d be willing to give me a ride about four miles. He actually recoils before hemming and hawing that he can’t. But, right after him, an older red-headed woman steps through the door. Before I can say anything to her she speaks.)

Woman: “I’ll give you a ride.”

Me: “Really? I mean, thanks. It’s only about four miles away.”

Woman: “No worries. This is lousy weather to be walking, but it’s really not too bad for driving. That van is mine.”

(She drove me right to my door. She said it was only half a mile from her own home. I hope that was true. We had a very nice conversation and I even asked her why, as a white woman she had no hesitation to give a ride to a black man. Her answer:)

Woman: “I’ve needed a ride in the past. I’ve always gotten one, too. It’s my turn to give one.”

Drive It Forward

Alls Well That Bookends Well

| Fort Worth, TX, USA | Awesome, Family & Kids, Hall of Fame, Popular

(A sharply-dressed man comes to the counter with a woman of his age and a 5-year-old kid walking near them.)

Me: “Can I help you, sir?”

Man: “Yes, can you tell the price of those books, please?”

(He hands me a list, and I use it to calculate the total price of the books in question.)

Me: “Okay, the total comes to $242.14.”

Man: “Alright. Do you take debit cards?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Man: “Ten years ago, when I was a teen, we stole those books in your shop with my wife here as a student prank. Now that we both have a good job, we want to show my kid that you must fix your errors in life.”

(I stayed speechless for a good minute before taking his payment. If there’s a “Customer of the Month” award, this family takes the cake!)