Everyone Gets Home This Time

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(This happens on my second business trip to Scranton, PA. I have to switch planes in Chicago, and thanks to various delays and cancellations, I don’t get to Scranton until hours past the time that I had originally been due. It was 2:00 am when I finally land at the Wilkes-Barre airport. It is almost completely deserted.)

Airport Employee: “You finally made it, huh?”

Me: *exhausted* “Yeah. And I have no idea how I’m going to get to my hotel.” *I knew from past experience that there are very few taxis available at that airport, even during peak hours*

Airport Employee: “Didn’t you rent a car?”

Me: “Well, sure, but the car rental counter must have closed ages ago.”

Airport Employee: “Nope.” *points to counter, where a very tired looking car rental employee is waiting*

Me: “Oh, my God! Have you been waiting for me all this time?”

Car Rental Employee: *gives weary smile* “Yup. But now you’re here, so we can both leave!”

Me: “I can’t believe it. Thank you!”

Car Rental Employee: “Just part of the service.”

(I made sure to send a nice letter to corporate to tell them how impressed I was. I hope she got a raise as a result.)

Kind Strangers Kindness

Tipped To Be A Good Christmas

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(I work for a popular chain pizza place as a delivery expert. It’s a week before Christmas and money is extremely tight. My husband and I have three kids between us and we don’t know how or if we are getting them gifts this year. We don’t even have a tree yet. I’m delivering to a frequent customer but this is my first time getting her order. When she opens the door she has three Christmas bows stuck to her shirt.)

Me: “Hello, Mrs. [Customer]. Doing some gift wrapping?”

Customer: *noticing the bows* “Oops, forgot they were there. How much do I owe you?”

Me: “$22.75… Don’t worry about the bows. I’m hoping that I make good money today so I can finally go get some things for my boys.” *note I was just making small talk*

Customer: “You have kids… How many?”

Me: “Between the two of us we have three, ages 18, 17, and 2. They are a handful but darn it we love them.”

(Cue laughter from both of us.)

Customer: “Well, here you go, and a $10 tip for you!”

Me: “Ma’am, thank you. You are my first and possibly only tip today and this is going straight to the boys’ Christmas.”

Customer: “Hey, hold right there a moment. I’m going to be right back.”

Me: *confused* “Okay… I won’t move.”

(She runs into the house and is gone three minutes tops. She comes running back, out of breath.)

Customer: “Here I want you to make the boys Christmas great. Promise me it goes to them and you can take this extra $20 for them, too.”

Me: *in tears at this point* “Ma’am, you have no idea how much you just made my whole year.”

Customer: “I do know how much I made your year, young lady. I raised four kids and worked my butt off for minimum wage and several times I was a delivery driver or waitress. I just finally put my youngest through college. I just want you to make Christmas a pleasant time for the kids so they have great memories when they go to college and leave you like they left me.”

Me: *still crying* “Can I hug you?”

(Laughing at my reaction, the customer hugged me and assured me I will make it through this rough patch. She told me to kiss my boys everyday and love them even when I don’t like them. The amazing woman gave me a $30 tip on a $22 order and I bought each of the boys something special with it that night. Thank you, kind woman! I hope I can help a struggling mother one day the way you helped me.)

Doing Good Deeds From Coast To Coast

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Earlier this year my brother died. He lives in my state. His kids live on both coasts. My sister and other brother live on the east coast. Everyone made plans to fly in and meet at the airport in my state.

We had a group text going to keep each other up to date on our whereabouts.

After they arrived, I got a text from my sister’s phone. It said, “Hey, I found this phone at the bike kiosk (on the east coast). I’ll leave it at the restaurant across the street.”

My nieces got the text, too, of course, and were standing beside my sister at the time.

My brother-in-law was able to get the phone quickly so my sister had one less thing to fret about at a difficult time.

I thank that stranger on the coast. He was our hero.

The Patient Isn’t The Only One With Patience

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The hospital I work for lets patients leave comments about something good that happened to them during their stay. Once a month, the best stories are picked and shared with everyone. This story really stuck with me.

A patient who was doing an extended stay at the hospital came running out of her room in tears, screaming for help. [Nurse #1] happened to be nearby and ran to the patient’s side checking for injuries; she seems to be okay, but she is begging the nurse for help. The patient explains that she’s just gotten off the phone with her sister and it is her sister that needs help. Her sister had been having a rough go at life recently and could no longer take it; she had called to say goodbye. [Nurse #1] immediately calls for another nurse for help as she helps the patient back her her room. She briefly explains the situation to the second nurse who pulls out his phone and dials 911 as the patient attempt to get her sister back on the line.

For the next 20-30 minutes the two nurses never leave the patient’s side. [Nurse #1] is keeping a close look at the patient’s health while giving her suggestions on things to say to keep her sister on the line, as it would mean more coming from a loved one rather than a stranger. Meanwhile, [Nurse #2] is on the phone covertly getting the sister’s information from the patient and passing it along to the dispatcher.

Unfortunately, it seems that the sister catches on and swallows a handful of pills before hanging up the phone… mere minutes before the paramedics pull into her drive. Since [Nurse #2] is still on the phone with dispatch, he is able to convey to them exactly what had happened inside the house — they even know what kind of pills she’d taken! The paramedics rush the sister to the emergency room where they are able to save her life. The paramedics and dispatch are in constant contact with [Nurse #2], relaying information through him to our patient, up until the point when the sister is admitted.

The nurses went above and beyond for the patient. They could have simply called 911 and reported the situation, but they stayed by the patient’s side and treated her sister, who lives in a completely different city. A huge thank you also has to go out to the paramedics and 911 dispatcher who kept the patient informed through the entire ordeal.

I am happy to report that at the time of me writing this, both sisters are doing well.

Respect Your Elders Children

You’d Be Demented Not To Help

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(I am a customer in this story, observing this. It’s about 95 degrees today, and an elderly woman comes in to the store wrapped in a coat over a sweater.)

Worker: “Hi, Mrs. [Customer]! How are you today? Did you walk all the way here bundled up like that?”

Elderly Woman: “Yes. I’m running away.”

Worker: *laughing* “Running away? Was there another fight at bingo today?”

Elderly Woman: “No, my mom was being mean to me and I got mad and ran away.”

(At this, the workers eyes go wide; she mouths an apology to me before paging for another cashier. She leads the elderly woman over to a chair and encourages her to take off her coat and gets her a bottle of water. I hear her telling the woman to stay there for a moment and walks away to make a phone call. Curious, I wander over to see if everything is okay and hear her asking someone if there are any drivers to pick the woman up.)

Me: “Is everything okay? I can call a cab for her if you need.”

Worker: “No, that’s quite all right, thank you. Just making sure she gets home okay.”

(She goes back to the woman, who remembers she has a daughter with gentle prodding but can’t remember the phone number and didn’t bring her address book. The worker waves me over as I’m still standing nearby and asks me to stay with the woman for a minute. She comes back a moment later with her purse.)

Worker: “All right, Mrs. [Customer], let’s get you home.”

(She proceeded to clock out and lead the woman outside to a shady spot to wait for the cab, then went with her. When I went back a few days later and asked about it the manager told me the woman had a really bad bout of dementia and that the worker had recognized that and wanted to make sure she got back to the living facility safely. The woman was moved to a secured floor. I can only hope that if something happens to my grandparents or me that we have a worker like that to help us.)