Society Is Transitioning


(My friend’s name is Niamh. It’s pronounced NEE-uv. She uses Neil while ordering simply for ease. She looks tomboy but still identifies as female.)

Friend: “Neil.”

Male Employee: “N-E-I-L?”

Friend: “Yes.”

Male Employee: “Okay, sir!” *smile*

Friend: “Uh, thanks.”

(She and I are still here an hour later studying when he approaches us.)

Male Employee: “I’m off shift and noticed you are still around.”

Friend: “Yeah.”

Male Employee: “I thought I’d give you these.”

(He hands her a piece a paper.)

Friend: “Oh… uh.” *surprised*

Male Employee: “I support you, Neil. You’re a handsome man. Be safe.” *waves and leaves*

Me: “Woah. That was…?”

Friend: *hands me the paper*

(The paper has many handwritten links. They are all about LGBTQ and the election. Even though he misread the situation thinking she identified as trans-guy, that was amazing support for the community. We’re giving those links to our LGBTQ friends!)

Be Glad You Bothered

| Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Awesome

(A friend of mine graduates early, and decides to throw a bonfire to celebrate. She invites probably 100 people and even some former classmates. She stands up and reads a letter she had written the day before.)

Friend: “I never thought I was worth the effort that people put into being around me. I always thought that I was just a bother that people merely tolerated. I only told one person, but in the beginning of eighth grade I tried to commit suicide. I tried it again in the middle.”

(This was quite shocking as she always seemed happy and truly had never mentioned it.)

Friend: “But I realized with the help of most of the people here, that that wasn’t true. I’m very happy to say that everyone here has made a positive impact on my life, and that you all mean the world to me.”

(I started crying after, and she came up and hugged me. Now she’s a heart surgeon and travels the world in her free time, even though she almost ended her life as a teen.)

Kind Strangers Kindness

Screw Kindness!

| The Netherlands | Kind Strangers

My mom bought a second hand chair via Facebook. The seller drops it off at our place along with a bag of screws to assemble it. Pretty soon we find out some screws are missing. My mom goes to the hardware store to get some, but ends up buying the wrong size. This happens twice, and the store she got it from doesn’t appear to have the size we are looking for. At long last and after a lot of frustration that after 4 days (there was a weekend in between) we still have a have a half-assembled chair in the living room, my mom goes to another hardware store where she finally finds the right screws… to only find out at the register that she forgot her wallet.

Even more frustrated she is planning to leave the screws and come back another time. Then somebody standing behind her in line asks what the price for the screws is, which was only a small amount. The stranger digs up some spare change from her wallet and pays for the screws.

My mom came home flabbergasted telling me this story.

Lately, acts of kindness in our life was hard to come by, and this stranger turned it all around. Thank you, kind stranger for making my mom’s week!

Don’t Stop Believing In The Power Of Music

| Seattle, WA, USA | Musical Mayhem

I’m at a concert with a friend. I am 17 and no stranger to metal concerts, as this one is, but this is my friend’s first. He is a few years younger than me.

It’s worth noting the audience is everywhere between teenage and fifty-something.

In between the second opening band and the main band, they have music playing over the speakers. Classic rock, mostly; some other metal songs, too. Most people just talk amongst themselves.

Suddenly, everybody hears the opening notes of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Everybody goes quiet, and when the words begin, everybody sings along without prompting. We sang through the whole song and it was quite beautiful, people of all ages singing a timeless song in harmony.

My friend ended up having a great time at the concert. That moment was one of my favorite concert moments ever and really showed how awesome the music-loving community can be… and also the mysterious power Journey holds over all of us!


| Seattle, WA, USA | Kind Strangers, LGBTQ

(I’m a young FTM transgender teen, and struggle daily with dysphoria – a form of depression. I don’t do many sports, and don’t do a lot outside of school. One thing I love is working in my local theater (for plays and musicals, not the cinema). Oftentimes when I’m free I’ll hang out in the lobby and make light chatter with the audience before the show. If it’s cold outside, I’ll usually hold the door when I see people coming, as the door handle outside can get really, really, cold. I see an older couple approaching the stairs. I go outside and hold the door for them.)

Old Woman: “Good evening!”

Me: “Evening, miss!”

Old Man: “Thank you very much, sir!”

Me: *beaming* “You’re very welcome!”

(That little ‘sir’ he said, even though he had no idea what I was dealing with inside, brightened my whole evening and had me smiling all night.)