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My family and I were flying to Florida to clean out my grandmother’s mobile home. My grandmother had passed two days after Thanksgiving, so we were all in a somber mood flying down in January. To save money, we took the earliest flight out, which means waking up at 3:30AM, so we were all tired as well.

I sat in the aisle seat and took drink orders for my family so they could fall asleep after takeoff. The beverage cart came around, and the flight attendant took our drink orders. My sister and mom had ordered orange juice and woke up shortly after receiving it on their trays. When she came back around to take trash away, my sister tried to quickly drink the last gulp of her juice to throw away her cup.

Flight attendant: It’s okay, you can finish. I don’t mean to rush you. I’ll come back around later.

Sister: It’s just so good! I love this orange juice, it’s my favorite!

Flight attendant: Would you like some more?

Sister: Really!?!?

Flight attendant: Absolutely.

Sister: Sure, thank you!

Flight attendant: I’ll be right back.

A minute later, the flight attendant came back with an unopened can of orange juice and a fresh cup with ice.

Flight attendant: Here you are.

Sister: *wide-eyed* I can have the whole can?

Flight attendant: Haha, yes, you can!

Sister: Thank you so much! *to me* That was so nice of her! I’ve never gotten a whole can before!

Thank you, Flight attendant, for making my sister’s day. She was in a great mood the rest of the day. Another reason why I love to fly with the airline opposite of Northeast.

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(It’s Valentine’s Day, on a day of a week my friends and I go to a weekly event. One of my friends decides to bring little cups of various Valentine’s Day-themed candies. Both of us go to a fast food place I go to sometimes during the event, and I know one of the employees by name. We exchange some small talk before….)

Me: Well, my friend here brought everyone some candies. Like jelly beans, suckers, and other stuff!

Employee: Aww, and you didn’t bring one for me?

Me: *smiles* Oh! Then I can bring you one if you want!

Employee *dismissively* Nah, you don’t have to do that.

(We get our food and go, but I do decide to give one to her. After the event ends, I check with my friend, and we do have a couple extra. Smiling, I take one back to the fast food place. The employee is sweeping the entrance.)

Employee: *sees me with the goodies and gasps* You just made my night!

(She hugs me before I give it to her with a smile. As a retail worker myself, it feels good to give something back.)

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This is a sad story, but the people who helped us made it so much better.

My husband and I had two rescue dogs, a lap/pit mix (4 years old) and a rottweiler (2 years old), and we often foster other rescue dogs while they’re waiting for a home. Our two boys were very closely bonded, the lab mix has epilepsy and our rottie would always make some kind of noise to let me know if he was having a seizure while I wasn’t in the room.

Last winter, I had let them both out in the fenced yard to use the bathroom and run around for a bit while I cleaned the floors. As I was vacuuming, I heard the faint sound of barking coming from the yard. Thinking it’s our older dog having a seizure, I ran outside only to find the epileptic dog barking his head off and our rottie lying on his side, not moving.

I ran over and could instantly tell something was wrong. He was unconscious and his tongue was starting to turn blue. I started administering K-9 CPR, and dialed our vet on speaker phone. They told me there was an emergency vet much closer to my house than their office and to take him there immediately.

I grabbed a blanket, rolled our rottie onto it, and tried to lift him up, but he weighed over 100 lbs and I just couldn’t do it. I was already sobbing by this point, and had called my husband to tell him what happened, but he was too far away to reach me in time to help.

Out of nowhere, our next door neighbor came running through the gate, and he helped me get our rottie into the backseat of my car. He said he’d watch our other dog and send my husband to the right vet if he stopped there first. I thanked him and got down the road as fast as I could.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to save our rottie. They tried everything, even an adrenaline shot to the heart, but he’d apparently had some un-diagnosed heart condition, and they said it was likely his heart had just stopped suddenly. I was beside myself when my husband arrived, and it was so hard for both of us.

The emergency vet personnel were amazing. They gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye to him, then offered to have him cremated at their facility at no charge, we only had to pay for the receptacle they put his ashes in because those were through a different company. They also could have charged us hundreds of dollars for the treatment they did try to administer, but they told us not to worry about it, they would cover the cost.

A few days later, we received condolence cards from the emergency vet, our regular vet, and even one from the neighbor who helped me get him into the car. While this story definitely didn’t have a happy ending, we were overwhelmed with the kindness and support we were shown by everyone involved, and it made losing our rottie the tiniest bit easier.

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I’m on the train, heading home. The train car is moderately full. At one stop, a pair of mothers gets on. One sits down with her child in her lap and the other talks to her child.

Mother: “Come on, [Name], you want to sit in my lap?”

The mother sits down, and her daughter is trying to get in her lap. While she is doing so, the doors to the train close and the train starts to move. The child loses her balance and starts moving backward, trying to stay upright, screaming out of fear and confusion. Without hesitation, the four (three of whom are young men) seated behind the mothers jump to the aisle to catch the child. She regains her balance and gets back to her mother, who comforts her.

Mother (turning to the patrons behind her): “Thank you.”

The child was very scared and moans for a while, but eventually calms down. As one of the patrons gets off the train, she smiles and waves goodbye to the child. It was very heartwarming to me to see so many people jump out of their seats to help, especially young men.

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Our son had shot himself, and we followed the ambulance to the emergency room. When we went into his cubicle, we were told that he was not going to make it. One of the attendants said that his jewelry had been given to the receptionist for safe-keeping. I started through the waiting room toward that desk, but before I got there, a black woman (I am white) asked whether she could help me. I told her what was going on, and without a second thought, she embraced me with warmth. That was over twenty years ago, and even today, I remember her kindness and comfort. It was the best hug I ever got.