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My boss owned multiple stores when I was working for him, and generally would have enture shipments sent to one location and either he or his father would personally bring what my store needed. His father is a large, intimidating man, but actually very funny and sweet. We’ve just gotten our first shipment of various candy bars for a new display, and after placing a few boxes on the shelves I begin rummaging through the rest of the shipment.

Father: “Eh, [my name], what are you looking for?”

Me: “[Brand]? They were my favorite when I was a kid. I guess we didn’t get any, though.”

Father: “Okay. Next time, I bring for you, one box.”

Me: *looking at the shelves* “Are we gonna have room for it?”

Father: “No, no! I bring, FOR YOU, one box!”

Sure enough, the next time he delivered a shipment, he brought me an entire box of candy bars to take home for myself!

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(I, as a student with student loans, usually follow the principle: As long as I don’t make my own money, I don’t donate it. On a Friday evening, however, I was a bit drunk, so not too strict with my principles. As I was waiting for my train, I saw a guy searching deposit bottles in a bin. I told my self ‘well, just this time’ and gathered a bit change. The guy was already going so I had to catch up with him.)

Me: Hey there!

(the guy turns around and I offer him the spare change)

Me: I think you need it more than I do.

Guy: You wait. You wait.

(he starts fumbling in his jacket and then gives me a bonbon)

Guy: Caramell.

(He waited until I took the bonbon before accepting my money. Needles to say, this little gesture really touched my heart)

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I am headed to work one day when I decide to stop at a local convenience store for some soda and candy to get me through my shift. However, when I go to pay, my card is declined. I am not strapped for money usually, but I had just paid a few bills and my next paycheck didn’t hit for a few more days. Embarrassed, I tell the cashier that I’ll be right back and I get in my car to leave when suddenly there is someone knocking on my window, so I roll it down.

Me: *rolls down window*

Random Lady: “I tried to catch you on your way out! I’d like to buy your candy and soda for you.”

Me: “Thank you, but that’s really not–”

Random Lady: “No, please, I insist! Come back inside with me!”

She bought my candy and soda for me and made my whole week!

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I had just stopped for gas on my way to our family’s summer house for the weekend, and I was running a bit late. Inside the gas station’s convenience store is a drive-thru coffee shop. I decided to grab a snack and drink before I head out. I pulled up to the payment window when the man in the car behind me got out of his car, waves his hands, and closed the gas cap on the car. It would not have been good driving 150 miles with it open! I waved thank you, and after I paid the cashier for my order, I handed her a $5 bill and asked her to please put it towards the balance of his order. At the next stop light, he honked and waved a thank you. I smiled the whole ride to the Cape.

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(I had just gotten off of work and my depression was really hitting me hard. I was sitting in my car setting up my music when started to rain with the wind blowing hard. A knock on my window made me look up at this woman who was standing by my car with her arms folded in a vain attempted to block out the wind.)

Me: *opens car door* Can I help you?

Woman: You look like you’re having a crappy day, so I want you to take this and treat yourself *hands me a $20 bill*

Me: Oh, I can’t take this

Woman: I want you to. You look like you need a pick me up and I don’t need this.

Me: *holding back tears* thank you, I really appreciate this!
Woman: *also holding back tears* just go treat yourself, and I hope you have a better day!

(She then went into her car and drove off while I sat there crying, looking down at the $20 in my hand. I don’t know who she was and I never saw her again, but her kindness really helped lift me up out of a dark place, so thank you kind woman for risking the awful weather to help a random stranger!)