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(My daughter started playing soccer at the local YMCA when she was 3. Before practices and games, she would always pick flowers in the field and give them to coaches and other players’ moms. One day, she trips while she’s running around and falls, scraping her knee.)

Me: *comforting her and inspecting her knee* It’s okay, sweetie, you’re not bleeding.

Daughter: *crying* It hurts!

(Another mom comes over to us.)

Other mom: *holding out a flower* Here you go. I hope your knee feels better.

(My daughter immediately stopped crying and smiled. Two years later, she still plays soccer and gives flowers to the other moms. Thanks to the soccer mom who helped show my daughter that kindness comes back to us.)

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(I was dropping into a fast food place to purchase food for my family. I had a really bad day at work, but was focusing on being polite, smiling, and generally trying not to pass my bad mood onto others. The rest of the restaurant is empty besides the drive-thru, and the employees are boisterous and loudly joking to one another.)

Me: Hi, uh, can I order [meal combo that feeds three]?

Cashier: Sorry, what was that?

Me: *speaks a little louder this time* I just wanted [meal combo] for three.

(While I see the other employees gathering my food into the box it comes in, I receive a text message. My phone loudly plays the noise Transformers make from the 1980’s cartoon. Immediately, a drive-thru employee whips around and starts yelling about how much he loved that cartoon. I adore the series and just knowing someone knew what the sound was had me in a better mood. I see the drive-thru employee pull the cashier aside and say something to her, but I can’t hear it over the other employees. She returns with my food and three drinks that didn’t come with the order.)

Me: Oh, does this combo come with drinks now?

Cashier: Oh, no. Someone drove away without their drinks, so we’re going to give them to you for free.

Me: Wait, what? Really? Thank you! You just made my whole day so much better, that’s so nice of you!

(As I’m leaving, I could hear the drive-thru employee loudly singing the theme song. When I got home, I got to regale the whole story of a very kind drive-thru employee to my family instead of telling them about what an awful day I had. Even the simplest kindnesses can turn someone’s whole day around!)

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I work as a researcher in a university hospital. One day, I’m submitting a file to the ethics committee for a clinical trial with patients. The office is located in another building and a lot of construction is going on around it, causing the hallway to be very muddy, making me slip and fall. My boss sees me returning with muddy pants and asks what happened.

Me: *tells the whole story*

Boss: So you were submitting the file for the clinical trial?

Me: Yes.

Boss: *now laughing* I thought you stated in the document that there were no risks involved in this trial?

Me: Indeed…for the patients. I didn’t state there weren’t any risks involved for the researcher…

*both laughing*

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(It is the day that my debut novel is released and I’ve been very public about my enthusiasm about it, but also my anxiety. Throughout the day, I’ve gotten texts and calls about it. Around 9, my friend texts me.)

Friend: How late are you going to be up?

Me: 10 or 11.

Friend: Great, I wanted to bring you a surprise for your book release. I’ll be over in 10.

Me: Thanks!

(Ten minutes later, I open the door and it’s her son.).

Friend: We all wanted to come.

Me: Of course! Come in.

(I give the son a high five and hug my friend, her husband, her daughter and exchange student.)

Extra voice: Well, hi.

(Across the doorstep steps their cousin, who is one of my best friends, but who I haven’t seen in 2 years because she’s in Michigan. Once I stopped screaming for joy and hyperventilating, they explained that she’d flown out for my first signing and was staying for a week. It was my best surprise ever.)

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My niece was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer when she was only 4 years old. The way she handles her illness is inspirational. When undergoing chemo, I remember her keeping us all smiling by doing gymnastics using the handholds on the red line trains.

Anyway, she happened to be at the children’s hospital during the Boston marathon bombing and it shook her hospital room.

Some time after all of that, a mother and child who were injured in the blast were getting treated at the same children’s hospital. Apparently the First Lady, Michelle Obama came to visit them, because my niece went to open her door to go to the play room and there was a secret service agent blocking the doorway.

In her fearless way, my niece said hi, and asked to go to the play room. The agent asked my sister where it was, and she pointed past the cluster of people talking to the First Lady.

My sister was to shy to go through them, but Michelle Obama happened to look up and see my niece. It was clear what was wrong with my niece due to her lack of hair caused by chemo.

The First Lady excused herself from the group and went over to give my niece a hug and talk to them. She is one of the most important women in the world and she dropped everything to talk to a sick little girl.

Thank you Michelle Obama. I doubt you will ever see this, but my family will always be grateful for the time you took out of your day.

If you do read it, she is doing great, she is 8 and in the second grade. The doctors found a treatment that removed all of the cancerous tumors and her scans have been clear for nearly 3 years now!