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This takes place at Fort Meade, the military base. I am in line to buy some groceries when it is my turn to pay. You must either be wearing a uniform or show your military ID and, as I am wearing street clothes, I realize I need my ID, which I have forgotten. To retrieve it would take nearly an hour, as the bus schedule is infrequent and I have no car. I am very hungry and anxious to get dinner started.

Cashier: ID please?

Me: I don’t have it with me.

Cashier: No ID, no food.

Me: I have money. Can’t you make an exception?

Cashier: I could lose my job.

Defeated, I put my things next to the bagging area and walk outside to cry. I can’t help but question why in the world you need military ID just to purchase some granola bars. A lady I have never met sees me upset and asks what is the matter.

Me: I have money, but the cashier won’t let me buy anything because I don’t have my ID.

Lady: I’ll buy your groceries for you.

Me: No, I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.

Lady: I insist.

I guide her around the store as I recollect what I wanted to purchase. As promised, she paid. I profusely thanked her and went to catch the next bus, extremely grateful for a stranger’s assistance.

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USA | Hall of Fame, Popular, Unfiltered

(My friend was getting her books for the next class when suddenly two big jocks came by.)

Jock 1:”Hey girl,how about that number?”

Friend: “No,sorry.”

(Jock 2 shoves her and attacks her.)

Jock 2:”What did you say?”

(Suddenly,somebody from one grade higher than them steps up.)

Guy:”Excuse me,you two should leave.”

Jock 1:”What are you gonna do about it pu-

(The guy stares at him directly in his eyes. The jocks run away.)

Friend:(To the Guy)”Thank you!”

Guy:”No problem. I hate jerks.”