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England | Unfiltered

I have just gone into A level from GCSE and am taking A level maths.

During my first lesson we are going over things we should know from GCSE. To my horror i discover that i have never learned half of the things i should have done. At the end of the lesson i am almost in tears at which point my teacher asked me what was wrong. After i had explained he took the time to sit and reteach me half of GCSE maths in his own time. Thanks to that teacher i am doing much better at maths and am set to be able to do the course i wanted ro do at uni.

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Victoria, BC, Canada | Unfiltered

(It is Halloween night, and my girlfriend and I are waiting for a bus after coming from a bar. The bus is late, which we don’t mind too much, but then a cab pulls up to the bus station. My girlfriend approaches the window, and I only hear her half of the conversation.)

GF: “Hi, will you give us a free ride?”

(Inwardly I’m cringing, as that seems like an inappropriate question for someone who makes his living transporting people.)

GF: “We’re going to [location], will you bring us there? And you’ll give us a ride for free?”

(She motions to me, and we get in. He says he is going home, and our stop is on his way.)

GF: “Can you bring us to [shopping mall]? It’s right next to our place.”

Me: “If it’s too far out of your way, that’s fine.”

(He tells us that he will drop us off at the gas station a couple blocks away, but then he has to go the opposite direction to get home. We tell him that’s just fine, and when we get there, we ask him to at least accept a tip, which he refuses. Instead, he asks us to pray for him. We agree to this wholeheartedly, and did once we got home. My only hope is that although he appeared to be Muslim, he would accept the prayers of a Christian and a Pagan.)

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Madrid, Spain | Unfiltered

I was in college, going abroad by myself for the first time to study, and had less than a week after classes end to move back home and get ready to leave. When I got to Madrid, the man sitting next to me on the flight told me how to get to the city center using the subway. I got to the main plaza and was fumbling going up escalators with my large suitcases, accidentally dropping one on a woman with her wrist in a cast.

At this point, I am tired and realized that not only had I forgotten to print out directions to the hostel I was staying at that night, I didn’t even remember the name. Getting off the escalator, I was lost and panicking, not knowing what to do.

Some random man approaches me at this point and asks if I want to go with him to a hotel! I stand there flabbergasted when the woman with the broken wrist comes up and tells him off, getting him to leave. She tells me I need to be cautious, and after talking with her for a bit I end up telling her my situation. Concerned, she kindly lets me use her smartphone to look up the address and then proceeds to lead me to the front doorstep of my hostel!

While walking there, she tells me about her daughter and how she had similarly gone to Italy for an abroad program, and that she believes in karma – she hopes that someone will help her daughter just as she is helping me out. One of her names is Alegria, which means joy – a fitting name for her!

Over three years later, I still think of her often and hope that she and her daughter are doing well. I will never forget her kindness; she really saved me that day! I have since improved greatly in my traveling preparation and have visited 9 other countries by myself without any further incidents!

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Finland | Unfiltered

My friend and I have traveled to another city for a martial arts camp, taking a long-distance bus that left very early in the morning, the tram, and then a local bus. Right after we get off the local bus, I check my pocket out of habit and notice my phone isn’t there. I usually keep my phone in my pocket, but being a neurotic person, I usually double-check it’s still there before I exit the bus. But of course, this one time that I didn’t…

I frantically check and re-check all my other pockets and my sports bag, hoping in vain I’ve just misplaced it and trying to hold off a full-blown panic attack. I ask my friend to call my phone, but of course she just ran out of battery. My panic is growing, because it’s Sunday, so even if someone turned it in to lost and found, I cannot get it back the same day – which is a big problem as I need to return home the same day, because I have no place to stay the night and no money to afford one, as I’m a broke student. So needless to say, I cannot afford to replace my smartphone either, and even if I could, it’s very important to me as lots of my stuff is on it. I cannot even buy a bus ticket to return home without it. My friend suggests we head to the camp location and figure things out there, as the camp is about to start. But I notice in the map at the stop that the bus route ends and turns around just a little further from our stop, so I decide to wait for the bus to come back on the off-chance that someone had found and turned in my phone.

As soon as the bus stops and the front door opens, I ask the driver (different guy this time) if anyone’s turned in a phone and begin to explain the situation. I have hardly finished the question before the driver hands me something – my phone! I thank him profusely as I step out of the bus.

As the bus leaves, I burst into tears out of relief. I don’t know which passenger or driver found my phone and decided to turn it in, but they saved me from a much bigger catastrophe than they probably realized. To this day, I’m grateful for the honesty of the people in this country – and perhaps karma, as I’ve turned in my own share of found cellphones.

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Iowa | Unfiltered

(I’ve had a crush on this guy for a while, and we’re three years apart. We have a class together and have become close in the time frame of a month. He’s been acting sad for a while and it hurts me too.)

Me: Hey. What’s been wrong?

Him: Oh. Nothing.

Me: I know thats not true. You look sad and that makes me sad.

(note that at this point he has a large smile that I hadn’t seen in a while)

Him: No really I’m fine. It’s nice that you care though.

Me: Would you be mad if I hugged you?

Him: (now laughing) no

(I hugged him and he couldn’t stop smiling)