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My area had just been hit by a snowstorm. I shoveled the path in front of my house, but because I didn’t have to work that week, I didn’t bother to clear my car. But the next day, I realized I had to go to the store, and my car was now embedded in two feet of ice. I don’t know any of my neighbors well enough to knock on doors and ask for help, so I resigned myself to doing it alone. However, after half an hour, a stranger approached me with another shovel and an ice chopper. He worked on the driver side, I worked on the passenger side, and between us, we finished in about an hour what would have taken me at least four hours on my own.

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I used to work as Entertainment Editor for an LGBTQI+ webzine, which means I got to interview singers/actors/authors/etc, and though it was voluntary, the experience I gained from this was incredible. I have still kept in touch with a number of people I interviewed, including members of my favourite band.

My father recently passed away unexpectedly (to make it worse, it was on the 8th anniversary of my brother’s death), and as he lived in a small town, everyone there knew each other, so word spread quite quickly.

However, once the family all knew, my mother, brother and I put up posts on Facebook to announce it to everyone else. Within about 8 hours, I had over 200 comments on my status alone, let alone all the posts from other family members.

As much as I appreciate the support from everyone, both in person and online, there are a couple of comments and messages that have a special appreciation from me, and those are the ones from my entertainment friends. Those friends commented on my post, which means they risked someone recognising their names and trying to contact them as a fan.

One particular friend put a link to one of her songs in a comment, and dedicated it to my father and I. I had a listen to it, and the tears started flowing as it is such a beautiful song. I asked the friend how I can get a copy of it, and she simply asked my address and sent me the entire album that the song is on!

As I returned home after finalising everything in my hometown, I have listened to that song a number of times, and it always brings a tear to my eye, both in memory of my dad, and in appreciation of that additional bit of kindness.

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This happened when I worked at the biggest theme park in Canada during 2016.

I had just finished scanning two items for a guest.

Me: You’re total is $10.50

Guest: Okay, I only have $20 which is more then you need…uh… this is going to sound weird but can I take the change right out the drawer? I don’t want you contaminating the money?

Me: Oh no sorry, I’m not allowed.

Guest: (looking very distressed) But-but..

Me: (I have a sister with mild OCD so I am more empathetic to people’s odd germaphobic request) I can put on gloves if that’ll help.

Guest: Really? Oh my gosh, thanks!

I go to another cash register on the other side of my store, which is where the first aid kit is located. It is also where my manager is training some possible employees.

Manager: [My name] what are you doing?

Me: Getting some gloves. That guest doesn’t want me contaminating his money so I offered to put on gloves.

Manager:….and this is how you treat guests guys. Follow [My Name’s] example!

I jokingly bow for the possible employees and go back to my cash. I end up using the gloves to give this guy his change and three weeks later I get called into the back by my manager.

Manager: [My name] remember that guy who insisted you use gloves to give him change?

Me: Actually it was my idea but ya, I do.

Manager: He was a secret shopper and he gave you a glowing review!

I later overheard that some guests had complained that some employees treated them badly because of their disability so the Theme Park set up some mystery shoppers to either act out disabilities or who do have disabilities to try and buy stuff at the park and see what happens. Obviously, I passed with flying colours.

Thanks to this guy, and a few other good Secret Shopper reviews, I was told to apply to became a Team Lead this year (2017)!

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I was driving home from work late (11pm), -13 F temp not counting the windchill. One of my tires went flat out where there wasn’t much other than a tavern. Went into the tavern and asked to use their phone – bartenders were rude and refused to let me, even after I explained why I needed it (I had no cell phone with me). Two guys (obviously regulars, based on how they were chatting with the bartenders), totally ignored me.

Fortunately, a rather drunk guy got up and went out to help me change the tired – running back and forth so we didn’t get too cold (he had no coat, and mine wasn’t very warm at the time, as I hadn’t been expecting to be out in the cold for more than to run into and back out of work). We got the tire changed fairly quickly, considering how cold it was, and all that guy would accept from me for helping me was a hug, refused to take a single cent from me. He also told me that it was the first time he had been to that tavern, and if that was how they treated people, he wouldn’t be going back (said tavern is now closed, despite their reputation for having good food … I guess their reputation on how poorly they treat people caught up with them).

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I had a fibrous lump on my tongue for several years. It was rarely troublesome, mostly easily bitten while eating. One day I REALLY chomped into it, partially detaching it. My tongue then healed beneath it, leaving the lump protruding and painful. It was now much more easy to bite, even while simply speaking. It was time to get it removed, but I could not find a doctor or even a general surgeon to do it. The ENT doctors, dental surgeons, and local dentists I called either did not do that type of work, or could not see me for at least three weeks. Finally one dentist I called recommended a dental surgeon they felt would see me on short notice. I called this place at about 9:00 am. They did indeed work me in, and before three o’clock that afternoon, had removed the painful thing. They were the first ones to understand how badly I needed immediate treatment and they were so caring. The packet they sent home for aftercare even included the doctor’s personal cell phone number in case I had any issues after hours. And even though I had a post-op appointment scheduled a week later, they called me the next morning to see how I was doing!

I cannot thank these people enough for taking me seriously and treating me so well. They more than proved that professionalism and kindness can go hand in hand!