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NY | Unfiltered

I have severe autism, and am mute because of it. Obviously I can write and I talk using sign language. It is very rare that I can have a normal or even good day.

At school instead of bullying me, the other students were proud of me for helping them in a trivia contest.

My little brother let me play video games with him.

My dad let me walk our dog around the neighborhood with him(of course).

My mom let me cook dinner with her.

And best of all, my aide won the fight against cancer. She will be back with me next week.

All of this made me have the best day in my life, and that’s fact. And it’s all because some people (and evil cells) had a change in heart

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Tulsa, OK, USA | Unfiltered

I had an international customer base; not all spoke English. Sometimes I relied on Google translate, sometimes they did. After explaining a mistake a customer made with my product, he exclaimed:

Customer: “Tapeworm is my culpa!”

That became an inside joke for a long time between my business associates and me. Why “tapeworm?” Because in Spanish, “tenia” is tapeworm and “tenía” is “I had” and at the time Google Translate was less sophisticated than is now. Let it be a lesson to you not to rely on automatic translators or tapeworm will be your culpa.

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Espoo, Finland | Unfiltered

My ten year old son asked recently if i would like to see his game achievements and like the millionth time I said” yes of course”. He then proudly showed and explained his new gear and level in the came and I cried silently inwards.

He has suffered from a low self esteem for such a long time and for the first time ever I heard my aspie son to be proud of his achievement. Such a small thing and yet so important.

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Iowa, USA | Unfiltered

(I’ve been selling popcorn with my boyfriend and his best friend to raise money for our Robotics team. We’ve been talking for a while, and I have long hair but I never put it up as I am too self conscious. His bestie always wears his hair up)

His Best Friend: Oooh why don’t we put her hair up!

Him: Yassss let’s do it

(They force me down and his best friend puts my hair up and my boyfriend won’t stop smiling at me)

Him: Girl you need to put your hair up more. You look amazing.

(I couldn’t stop smiling. All my life I’ve been called ugly and stupid and here he is being perfect, he even said he’s going to put it up when I see him again)

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Linden, NJ | Unfiltered

(I’ve recently started my very first job and I can’t help being nervous, despite everyone saying I needn’t be. After four days on the job, I’m feeling awful because I haven’t gone a single day without screwing something up once or twice. This happens on the fourth day. I’m behind one of the registers, as I’m supposed to be, and one of the managers calls me to get behind another while a different cashier does a layaway for a customer at mine because I don’t know how.)

Manager: “Do you want to watch [Cashier], so you can learn how to do a layaway, or do you want to work on this register?”

Me: *mumbles*

Manager: “Are you okay?”

Me: “No. I haven’t gone a day without screwing something up.”

Manager: “Take it easy. It happens to everyone.”

Me: “You have people who screw up for four days straight?”

Manager: “You have to get used to doing the job. You’re not the only one. We have cashiers who’ve been here for a year and still make mistakes. We’ve had customers try to return clothes that weren’t ours.”

(What he said didn’t stop me from being nervous, but it did help me feel better for the rest of my shift. We also got a call from an angry customer, demanding to know why a coat didn’t fit her and asking if another size would. That bit of silliness gave me a laugh.)