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Basingstoke, UK | Unfiltered

(I’m a guy not overly prone to crying. When our friends took in an emergency rescue hamster my husband and I fell in love with him and were overjoyed when they didn’t have time for him and let us take him in. He was far friendlier and happier to see us than I imagined hamsters to be and he was very much part of the family. Even as he grew old and infirm, becoming first deaf and then starting to go blind, he was still eager to see us and would wake us up if he missed us. When he passed peacefully it was obviously very sad, but hardly a shock. I make arrangements with a pet crematorium- they’re gentle and nice, but then this exchange occurs while the staff member is taking his information.)

Staff: “Okay, and how old is [Hamster]?”

Me: “We’re not sure. At least three years.”

Staff: (clearly surprised) “Oh my god!”

Me: (starting to both laugh and cry) “Yeah, he was a proper doddering old boy by the end. ”

Staff: (a little sadly) “I had a girl hamster- she was only a year and a half when she went. I think people underestimate how important the small animals are.”

Me: “They absolutely are.”

Staff: “Was he the first animal you and your husband had together?”

Me: “Oh- no, my husband sort of inherited-” (I laugh, remembering another late pet) “When we got together he had to share me with a rabbit, who was very jealous! And we’ve got two rescue rabbits we adopted together. And of course, in there, [Hamster] came along.”

Staff: “And he was such a character, I’m sure.”

Me: “Oh yeah, absolutely. We were spoiled with our first hamster. He couldn’t be sweeter or friendlier. We were lucky to have him.”

(I know it doesn’t sound like much. But it was such a moment of warmth that allowed me to open up and have a proper, healing cry. In that painful moment it made such a very real difference to me and made me feel so much better about what I was arranging. I wish I could convey how much it meant to me.)

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Hanover, PA | Unfiltered

On the street in front of the service station

I was driving to the service station with my truck limping its way there. I knew it was on its last leg, but I didn’t have the money to replace it.

I can see the Service Station from where I’m sitting, when, suddenly, the truck ceases. Go figure, I pop it into neutral, hop out, and start to push. It’s a busy intersection, and people are flying by. I push as fast as I can, when suddenly, the truck gets astonishingly lighter. A gruff voice tells me to “get in the truck.”

I panicked a little bit. I’m a small woman. I jumped in the truck, and steered. I looked in the rear view, there were 3 men pushing my truck. They pushed me straight up to the service station. I jumped out, tears flowing down my cheeks, and offered them my sincere thanks. “I’m sorry, I would offer you money, but I don’t have any.”

They paid for my repairs.

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Australia | Unfiltered

(I am in my local grocery store shopping, and looking at the socks on a good sale, when I hear this conversation. There is an employee who has obviously finished her shift, and a man with her, pushing a trolley.)

Woman: Do you need socks honey? They’re on sale.

Man: Nah, that’s okay.

Woman: Are you sure? I think you need them.

Man: *very sweetly* It’s okay, I can get them later. You’ve had a long day, and you’re tired. Let’s just get these things and go home.

(It was something so simple, but working in retail myself, it put a huge smile on my face. What a sweetheart.)

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Germany | Unfiltered

(I am waiting at the train station for my train to come. The opposing train just departed, when i see a man jumping on the rails behind the train, only to see him come up with a plastic cup in his hand.

It turns out that a woman with a stroller, who exited the train, had dropped the baby plastic cup on the rail without noticing it.

the man ran after her, giving it back to her, as if what he just did was the most natural thing ever.

It just left me baffled, because the man could have easily electrocuted himself, or an accident might have happened, but it still shows whatt some people would to just to help a stranger.

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NY | Unfiltered

I have severe autism, and am mute because of it. Obviously I can write and I talk using sign language. It is very rare that I can have a normal or even good day.

At school instead of bullying me, the other students were proud of me for helping them in a trivia contest.

My little brother let me play video games with him.

My dad let me walk our dog around the neighborhood with him(of course).

My mom let me cook dinner with her.

And best of all, my aide won the fight against cancer. She will be back with me next week.

All of this made me have the best day in my life, and that’s fact. And it’s all because some people (and evil cells) had a change in heart