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USA | Unfiltered

My friends and I had just attended church and exited the building to bitter cold. Two of us headed to one car and my friend and I started walking to our car in a different parking lot.

Suddenly, an SUV pulled over and a person offered us a ride to our car. We got in and the driver handed us cards that said it was the second anniversary of her mother’s death and in her memory, she was driving strangers around to get them out of the cold.

I was grateful that the mother raised such a thoughtful person.

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Unfiltered

It’s 3AM and I was travelling home from my girlfriend’s house, after having spent the last few hours there. My route takes me down a main arterial road, and then on to a freeway for about 10 minutes before I arrive in my town.

As I was driving, I noticed a van parked up just shy of the traffic lights on the freeway off-ramp, and a man walking around his van on the phone. He had his bonnet up, and the hazard warning lights on as well. I thought to myself “What a hell of a place to break down”.

I joined the freeway, and took the next exit to turn around and go back to the broken down van. I pulled up next to him and asked “Are you alright ?” He responds “Do you have a jumper cable?”
I always carry jumper leads in my car in case of an emergency, so I pulled up in front of his van and connected the leads, and revved up the engine on my car. The van wouldn’t start though. It just sounded like it was turning over with no power. I revved the engine in my car up harder, to 5000 rpm in the hope that there would be enough power generated to start the big old van, but it still refused to start.

After verifying if he had road-assist (which he did not), I suggested that we at least push the van off the freeway ramp, and get it to the on-ramp about 40 meters away, where there is a downhill grade, and we could try bump starting the van.

The two of us pushed the van over the junction and got some momentum going. I shouted to him “Put it in 2nd gear and dump the clutch!” The van finally roared into life! I told him to drive for a long while, to allow the battery to re-charge itself.

I hope that whenever I need help, and I am stranded on the side of the road, someone will pull over to help me, should I ever need it.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada | Unfiltered

I’m from a small town near Vancouver and have come to the city for a show. While I’m out driving I come to an intersection at a busy street (East Hastings). I’m trying to make a left onto said street, and the only way is to either cut across 3 lanes of traffic or wait for someone to push a button to make the light turn red (I only have a stop sign). Just as my mom is about to jump out of the car and go push the button, a random stranger pushes the button. At first I thought he was going to cross the street, but he just kept walking. Thank you random stranger, for making city driving just a little bit easier

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Unfiltered Story #44199

Australia | Unfiltered

I was doing a big day of Christmas shopping with my newborn and 2 year old. At our second stop of the day my toddler jumped into a coin operated ride just to play. Someone had left a coin in it, so when he pressed the button he got a free ride.

Later, near the end of a big day we again stopped so he could play on a different ride for a minute. While he was playing a teenage girl walked past and popped a coin in and started the ride without a word. I quickly invited some other nearby kids to join in and they jumped on too. Called out a quick thank you to our benefactor but don’t know if they heard it. Made a long busy day that much better for a small person.

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Tucson, AZ | Unfiltered

My tire separated, low speed, everyone was fine, but we pulled off to the side of the road while waiting for AAA, since I didn’t have a spare. While we were waiting a total of 5 people stopped to make sure we were ok, the first while we were still on the phone with AAA.

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