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A Couple Of Couple Encounters

| Italy | Awesome, Travel

After working in hospitality for over ten years, you can believe me that I have seen a lot, but this takes definitely the cake.

At this time I am 20 years old and working as a waitress in a hotel in northern Italy. I am always assigned the same section of the restaurant and as most guests were on half board, I usually serve the same guests for one or two weeks, at least for both breakfast and dinner. One elderly, German couple stood out the most: always polite, always ready to joke with me, and just generally pleasing.

However, I only work there for one year and then leave.

Five years later, I move to Dubai to work at the front desk in a five-star resort and after a couple of months, low and behold, I notice an elderly couple that seems familiar. Yes, you guessed it, it was the same couple from the place I used to work back then, and they still recognized me! They brought me German chocolate and passed by every evening for two weeks to chat. The husband even brought his slippers from his room, showing me that he had “stolen” them from my previous hotel, and we had a laugh.

Another two years pass by and I am on vacation at home, in Italy, when one day my mother decides she would like to visit her parents, who live in Germany. We drive to Germany very early in the morning and when we arrive, my grandparents decide to invite us all for lunch in a nearby city. While walking through the city centre, I see an elderly couple from behind and start smiling, because they remind me of the elderly couple I knew. Well, they turn around and I must have made a rather startled sound, because they look at me and just stand there, shocked. My mother gets really worried and asks what happened while I and the elderly couple are just staring at each other.

I explain the situation, and we hug and take pictures — the husband saying that he has to take pictures, otherwise no one is going to believe this — and my parents and my grandparents can not stop laughing.

I have not seen them since, but I am sure that in a couple of years, we will meet again!

Little Old Ladies, Big Old Heart

, | Japan | Kind Strangers, Non-Dialogue, Travel

I had to go to immigration to renew my visa as I’m a foreigner living in Japan. Once I reach the bus stop a little old lady is there. She asks me something but I don’t understand. Next thing I know she is offering me wrapped candies. I refuse, politely. Suddenly she is putting her hand, and the candies, into my jacket pocket. Okay, lady, arigato.

Later I stop at a restaurant for lunch. In Japan, sometimes you are expected to pour water for yourself. The little old lady seated next me gets up to get herself some water but offers the cup to me instead.

Thank you, little old ladies, for your kindness towards a foreigner.

Kind Strangers Kindness

A Driver As Pure As The Driven Snow

| WY, USA | Kind Strangers, Non-Dialogue, Travel

My family and I are in Yellowstone National Park for a December cross-country ski trip. While driving, our rather large pickup truck slides off the road and gets stuck in a ditch filled with two feet of snow. My dad and I try to shovel the truck out, but to no avail.

Soon, another pickup truck stops and a pair of men, easily in their late 60s or early 70s, jump out to help us shovel. Our truck refuses to budge, and even starts sinking deeper into the ditch.

Then, a woman in a small, beat-up old truck with Montana plates and a tow cable on her front grill drives up. Without a word, she leaps out of her truck, attaches the tow cable, and throws her truck into reverse. After a moment of her sliding on the ice, our truck springs free. Once again, without a word, she unhooks her tow cable and drives off.

Given the Montana plates and how efficiently she freed our much larger vehicle, we can guess that she has done this for many more people.

Kind Strangers Kindness

Parking And Tokens And Phones, Oh My!

| Seattle, WA, USA | Kind Strangers, Travel

It’s a Sunday morning and there’s a big event going on at a park the turn right before we go to the zoo. Thinking it’s the parking for the zoo, I, the driver, go ahead and drop my friends off here and go to look for parking in a less crowded location. I go up one more intersection and, lo and behold, the zoo is THERE instead and there’s plenty of parking. As I don’t have my phone, I quickly try to reverse and find the others. When I get to the park, where the event is, I try to find them and also ask for the possibility to use a phone. The two people I manage to flag down tell me they don’t have their phones, that their mom or wife has it. Seeing no one else separated, I decide to try my luck at the zoo parking.

When I get there, I pull into a space and a guy is standing there and before I say anything, he offers me his parking ticket, saying he’s not going to be there until the time indicated, which goes beyond closing! He also gives me a voting token — little coins used to gather donations for endangered animals in the zoo. Hating to burden him more, but seeing no other option, I ask to use his cellphone and he let’s me. Turns out everyone was already by the entrance waiting for me! I had no means to repay the guy, but I wanted to at least let people know this guy was amazing. I cannot thank him enough for saving my day!

Insurance Assurance

| Sweden | Transportation, Travel

(I’m on my way to my car to go home from work when I see a parking ticket on the windscreen. I’m surprised since the car is brand new and because I’ve never had a car new from the factory before I’m extremely careful with it. When I come closer I see, to my horror, that the car has a big dent above the front wheel and realize it isn’t a parking ticket but a note from someone who has hit my car. As I start taking pictures of the damage a car pulls up next to me.)

Driver: “Is this your car?”

Me: *almost crying* “Yes.”

Driver: “I am so sorry. I hit your car as I was backing out. I’ve been driving by every other hour hoping to see you. I was afraid the note would blow away and I didn’t want to be one of those a**holes who hit someone and then drives away. That has happened to me and it sucks. I have already been in contact with my insurance company and everything should be covered by my insurance. I’m so sorry.”

(We exchanged information and I went back to work to contact my insurance company. It took three months and three trips to the mechanic before the car was fixed but I didn’t have to pay anything. Anyone can have an accident but for the driver to take responsibility and actually make sure I got all the information I needed instead of just driving of took integrity. Thank you, but please don’t do it again.)

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