Treating You Fare-ly

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(I’m sitting at a bus stop outside of the palliative care nursing home where I work, along with an older teenage girl and woman who I know as the daughter of one of the residents. The girl is talking on her phone to someone about getting to their house.)

Girl: *on phone* “I want to but I’ve only got enough to get me to the station. I’m not going to try to sneak on. Well, because it’s something like a $150 fine if you get caught and the train guards are on this time of the afternoon because of the school kids”

(The woman goes into her purse and gets some money out and calls to the girl.)

Woman: “Hey, girl.”

Girl: *to phone buddy* “Hang on a sec.” *to woman* “Yeah?”

(The woman holds out out $10.)

Woman: “Take this for your fare”

Girl: “Wait, seriously? Are you sure?”

Woman: “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t mean it, kid. Go see your mate. When you can, pass on some form of kindness to someone else.”

Girl: “Wow! Yes, thank you so much.” *on phone* “Hey, I can get to yours now. Yeah, a lady at the bus stop gave me some money.” *to woman* “Thanks again so much.”

(The bus showed up and we all got on and made our way to our various stops. Random acts of kindness make me smile.)

Kind Strangers Kindness

Sharing The Family Fortune

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(My husband and I are going to the local aquarium for our fifth year anniversary. While we had both agreed to go, in the back of my mind, I was a little bit concerned about the cost, since this month we’ve had quite a few expenses. The entrance fee for this particular aquarium is $21 (Canadian) per person, but with a family membership, you can go in as many times as you want for a year with a group. We’re lining up to pay the entrance fee when a man approaches us.)

Man: “Excuse me, have you paid?”

Me: *thinking that he means the parking fee* “Yeah, we paid for our parking.”

Man: “No, no. I mean, have you paid to get in yet?”

Husband: “No…?”

Man: “Come with me. I have a family membership. I can get you guys in.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Man: “Yeah, come with me.”

(We follow him through the membership entrance and we get into the aquarium without having to pay a cent!)

Me: “Thank you so much! This means a lot; it’s actually our fifth-year anniversary!”

Man: “No problem. You two enjoy yourselves!”

Me: “We will! Thank you again!”

(What a great way to start our fifth anniversary date! Thank you, kind sir, for making our date worry-free!)

Kind Strangers Kindness

When Migraine Becomes Our-graine

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(I work for a big box retailer. I also suffer from a type of migraine that is predominantly noted with visual aura. For 20 to 30 minutes before the events occur, I’m noticing all of the hallmarks of a visual aura hitting me, which will be promptly followed by a migraine. The neurological aura-confusion-vertigo behaviors are actually way scarier than the pain of a migraine, so I’m hoping that the headache will hit and the confusion will go away. However, it’s progressing worse and worse. I have vertigo; my vision is shot by this point and I can’t make out coworkers faces even 10 feet away; I’m leaning on the wall to make sure I don’t fall down. As it’s progressing it’s getting even more worse.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker]?”

(I think my voice is loud, but it’s not. I try to get the attention of a coworker not even 10 feet away, but, busy with their job, and with my whisper thin voice, they don’t hear me. At this point I’m dizzy, swaying, paler than a sheet, and the last really coherent thought I remember was ‘Sit down, or you’ll fall. You fall, you crack your skull on concrete. Cracked skull bad.’ Thankfully coherent enough for that simple thought to percolate, I sit down, right where I am. Note: being retail and a big box retailer, this is not exactly a ‘sit down’ job. I’m normally on my feet for all eight hours I work in a given shift. Customers pass me by, four or five, while I keep thinking I’m speaking loudly, trying to get a coworkers attention, but I can’t, because my voice is a whisper. Finally, a guy, I can’t even remember what he looks like because of the visual aura, leans down.)

Him: “Hey, man, you all right?”

Me: “No. No, I’m not.”

(He went over to my coworkers, who finally turned around and saw me pretty much down. They got a manager who’s first aid trained, I kinda slurred/explained that it was a migraine hitting me, and ended up getting walked over to a bench by two of them — me, a reasonably fit 30-something male, walked to a bench by two much older women in their late fifties or early sixties. Personally, I remember the vague shapes of people walking past, so I know there were at least four or five people who just walked on by, but that guy and his wife stopped and checked on me. I’ve worked at the place for going on thirteen years, and we have many regulars who’ve been shopping there for as long as I’ve been alive, so I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him other times after this occurred. Wish I knew who he was because he was the only one who stopped, and I don’t even remember what he looked like. I was okay after 30 minutes and a double dose of an OTC migraine pill, but the fact that he actually paid attention — that was pretty awesome.)

You Bypassed The Compressor

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(I’m a field service tech working on one of the older model self-checkout registers in large grocery store – it isn’t dispensing change. The whole machine is open and a little boy of about eight or nine is watching me, seemingly fascinated by the gears and pumps. His father is nearby; they are waiting for the next register to clear up.)

Me: *smile at the boy*

Boy: “What’s wrong with it?”

Me: “It’s not giving out change.”

Boy: *frowns for a couple of seconds then opens his eyes wide* “Check the hyperdrive!”

Me: *smiling* “Hyperdrives only work on starships, kid.” *referencing Han Solo calling Luke that*

Boy: “Oh… have you ever worked on one?”

Me: *chuckling* “I have one in my garage.”

Father: *chimes in* “Is it a Corellian YT-1300 like Han Solo has?”

Boy: *eyebrows shooting up to his hairline* “Dad, you’re cool!”

Me & Father: “Rebel Alliance!”

A Good Sign(s) Of The Times, Part 2

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(A customer walks in.)

Me: “Hi!”

Customer: *smiles and waves, wanders about for a bit before finding what he wants, makes eye contact with me and points at counter questioningly*

Me: *nods and indicates register* “Yes! I can take you right here are you ready? Would you like a bag?”

Customer: *indicates ear* “Deaf!”

Me: *now signing* “ASL?”

(I don’t think I will ever forget the look on his face. I have been taking ASL for over a year and a half, not for my job but for school and because I like it. He was stunned. I didn’t even think twice.)

Customer: *now also signing* “Yeah.”

(I did the rest of the transaction in ASL and he even taught me a new sign!)

A Good Sign(s) Of The Times

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