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Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 9

| San Francisco. CA, USA | Kind Strangers, Neighbors

(I discover that a homeless man sleeps on the front steps of my house in San Francisco. I feel bad for him, so I always try to give him some of my breakfast before I leave for work. One day, my neighbor sees me doing this.)

Neighbor: *shrieking* “What are you doing!?”

Me: “Sorry…?”

Neighbor: “Don’t feed the stupid bum!”

Me: “Oh, well, I just thought that he looked like he may need a little help; he doesn’t bother anyone, so I was just giving him some extra food.”

Neighbor: “He’s a stupid high-school dropout who drools on your cats!”

Me: “What?”

Homeless Man: “Well, I actually don’t have a home because I can barely make enough money to put myself through school and have a home. Having a daily meal from [My Name] is really helpful. And… I have no idea about that drooling on cats part.”

Neighbor: “Bum!” *stomps into her house*

Me: “Okay, well, enjoy the meal; I hope it all gets better soon!”

Homeless Man: “Thanks for everything!”

(A few months later, he informed me he had found a new job, and he told me a little later that he was on a steady paycheck and had enough money to get a small apartment. A few days later, he thanked me for the meals and went on his way. I hope wherever he is, he’s proving my old neighbor wrong.)

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Has All The Power And No Charge

| Leland, IL, USA | Neighbors

(My neighbor knocks on my door kind of late one night. He’s usually quite light-hearted, with an almost exaggerated southern accent, and he smiles a lot. But, this night, he has a dark look to his face. His voice is very low.)

Neighbor: “I need to ask you a favor. A big one.”

(My heart drops as all manner of horrible possibilities come into my head.)

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Neighbor: “Our electricity got cut off. Can I run a power cord from your garage to my TV until they reconnect us the day after tomorrow?”

(I almost laughed in his face because I’d really gotten worried as to what was going on!)

Me: “Of course; it’s fine!”

(He then gave me $20, which I try to refuse.)

Neighbor: “I insist that I you take it because borrowing your power outlet is a s*** thing to do to a neighbor.”

Bad Neighbors Can Just Shove(l) It!

, | Canada | Neighbors

Within a year of my parents moving into their current home, their next door neighbour passed away. His widow continues to live in that home all by herself.

When it snows in the winter, my father, along with other neighbourhood men, take turn shoveling her driveway.

One day, the widow told my father that she shared with her friends that her neighbours take turns shoveling her driveway and none of them believed her.

She cried as she thanked him and said that she was very blessed with such friendly, helpful neighbours.

Rallying The Troops

| NY, USA | Kind Strangers, Neighbors

(I am in New York for business from another country. I am walking through central NYC, back to my hotel late at night. I walk past a doorway which has a very large man towering over and yelling at a cowering young woman. Nobody else is around, and being a small guy and a foreigner and in a strange country I just walk past. After a block I decide that I can’t live with myself if I don’t do something, so I turn around and walk back. There’s still not another person in sight. I am terrified. I pull out my mobile and pre-dial 911 but do not hit send, I just leave it in my hand in my pocket. I completely ignore the guy, walk up into the doorway beside him, and address the woman.)

Me: “Ma’am, are you okay?”

Man: “She is fine.”

Me: “Thank you, sir, but I would very much like to hear from the lady herself.”

(The man steps forward and begins to tower over me, but then steps back, glowering at me furiously, hands clenched at his side.)

Lady: “I am okay.”

(I asked her if I could call a taxi or walk her somewhere more public. She once again said she was fine, and I felt as though there was nothing more I could do and that I had pushed the situation beyond what was safe for me. I backed away, and found that there was a crowd of people behind me. I had no idea where they all came from, but we all stood there watching while the lady collected herself and the man calmed down. Someone in the crowd asked if he hit her, and I replied that I had only seen him yelling. The situation looked defused, and we all went our separate ways. I have been back to NYC many times since then and found the people of New York to be cold on the surface, but when it really mattered they rally around. Thank you to all those who stood behind a small guy trying to do the right thing.)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Fight Club

| USA | Neighbors

(I normally get my four kids off the school bus, but I was held up at work on the one day I left my cell phone at home. In panic mode I race home expecting to find my kids scared and alone since they were locked out of the house. Instead I find them happily playing in an empty lot with a neighbor and his kids.)

Me: “Oh, thank you so much!”

Neighbor: “It’s cool. I knew something was up when I didn’t see you at the bus stop, so I let everybody use the potty and grab a snack before coming out to play where you could find us. Check this out.” *yells* “WHAT’S RULE NUMBER ONE?!”

Kids In Unison: “NOBODY DIES!”

Neighbor: “RULE NUMBER TWO?”

Kids In Unison: “NOBODY GETS LOST!”

Neighbor: “RULE THREE?”


Neighbor: “FOUR?!”


(I went from total panic mode to laughing my butt off. Thank you, neighborhood hero!)

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