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Giving Them Paramedical Attention

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(I’m a fifteen-year veteran paramedic. I’ve just come into work to pick up my ambulance and start my shift when my supervisor informs me that I have been scheduled for a meeting with both Human Resources and Quality Assurance the next morning. These meetings are usually a very big deal, meaning that somewhere a policy or procedure in treatment wasn’t followed, and disciplinary action is usually involved. So, not the best news. I spend my shift talking to my paramedic partner about every call we’d run in the month prior, trying to figure out what might have happened, but nothing pops on our radar. Skip to the next morning. I show up for the meeting and everyone is pleasant and there are some people there, with a small infant, that I don’t know.)

Quality Assurance Manager: “[My Name], do you recognize any of these folks?”

Me: “No, sir. I’m afraid I don’t.”

Woman: *holding baby* “My husband and I were involved in a very serious accident three months ago while I was pregnant… a week away from my due date. You and your partner were the first people on scene; they told us later that you drove up, and dove right in without any hesitation whatsoever. You put me onto a helicopter because I was pregnant and sent my husband by ground ambulance to the same hospital so we wouldn’t be separated. After my surgery and emergency C-section I have a healthy me and a healthy, happy child. The trauma doc told us that your decisions on the side of that road saved both me and the baby. Would you like to meet her? I can’t think of any better way to say thank you.”

(I held that darling little girl for the better part of an hour, cooing and feeding her and getting to know her amazing parents. After a round of hugs and many thanks all around, I was absolutely floored that these people had taken the time to hunt us down to say thank you. It doesn’t happen often in my line of work, but the times it does mean so much.)

Steering You Away From Harm

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I am 17, and due to the super-high pressure of having to get perfect grades, work, and be in many activities, plus already having anxiety, I am not doing well, and have gotten into self-harm for some time. I often take a break from all this by staying with my best friend and her family. I am especially close to her mom, who is a doctor, since I’m really interested in medicine. However, one very early morning after staying over, I can’t stop myself from self-harming at my friend’s place. I hope to go back to bed unnoticed, as it’s just after five am, but her mom is also up early and almost literally runs into me.

She barks at me to sit down, because I look so pale and am carefully cradling my injured arm. Before I can do much more than stammer my protests, my friend’s mom has taken my vital signs and tries to roll up my sleeve. I frantically shake my head and try to jerk away, until she promises that she just wants to see that I’m all right and won’t get angry at me.

When she sees the injury, she pauses, takes a deep breath, assures me it’s OK, and tells me to stay where I am. Instead of calling my parents, 911, or starting in on me, she comes back with a massive, well-stocked first aid box, and calmly patches me up.

She then says that speaking as a professional, I need counseling and to have complete blood testing done, to check my iron levels and rule out physical causes for why I feel so bad emotionally. And, speaking as a mother, she would want to know if her daughter felt bad enough to self-harm, so I need to tell my parents.

This was a really small act of kindness, but ensured I got the help I needed, and knew someone cared about me in that dark time.

Never Truly Game Over

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This is something I like taking pride in as a gamer. I’m a member of a small community online dedicated to gaming and listing collections. The community is tight knit and almost like a family. Unfortunately, one of the longtime members had passed away from cancer and the community has been pretty devastated by the loss.

One of the deceased member’s last tweets on her Twitter account was a request that someone does a cancer charity marathon in her memory if she passes away soon. It took a bit of planning, but the site owner, his girlfriend, and his best friend scheduled a weekend-long gaming marathon while the rest of us pooled in our money for the cause.

The marathon was an absolute blast and everyone agreed it was a perfect celebration of life for her. In the end, we managed to raise over $3000 from our small community to help patients and victims of cancer.

It may seem small, but we all hoped it would help make a difference.

No Cancer For Christmas

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(I’m working the register at my home pharmacy. A man asks to pick up his prescriptions, and some for his wife. I take the necessary information, and grab hers at the same time as his. Note: she has around a half dozen prescriptions, some in large bags.)

Customer #1: *seeing me with several bags* “Oh, dear, that’s more than I thought.”

Me: “It’s all right; some are just larger than others.”

(I ring up the total for the prescriptions; it’s about $15 dollars. As I’m relating the price to him, he searchers his pockets for extra cash.)

Customer #1: *clearly embarrassed* “I’m sorry, but I only have $5.”

Me: “That’s okay; we can hold your wife’s prescriptions for the next two weeks. At least her painkillers have no co-pay, so you can take these home for her right now.”

(At this point, the customer at the till next to mine looks over.)

Customer #2: “Excuse me, but how much are your co-pays?”

Customer #1: “Oh, it’s OK, really.”

Customer #2: “Are they more than $20?” *he already has a 20 dollar bill in his hand*

Me: “It’s about $15.”

Customer #1: “Really, you don’t need to do that.”

Customer #2: “Well, I’ll just take the change then, and you trade me the $5.”

Customer #1: *looks about ready to cry* “Thank you. You don’t know what this means to me.”

Customer #2: “My wife has cancer. If someone hadn’t helped us out at one point or another, we wouldn’t have her medication. Is her insurance [Insurance Company]?”

(The second customer then tells the first how to get co-pay booklets, to help with the cost of co-pays, so he can get the prescriptions cheaper in the future. I hand the change back to the second customer as promised, and the prescriptions to the first customer.)

Customer #1: *shakes the hand of the other customer* “Thank you, sir. You’ve made my Christmas.”

Down But Not Out

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(In primary and middle school, one of my classmates was a girl with Downs syndrome. When we started junior high she transferred to a school for students with special needs, and although we would see her around town every now and then, we haven’t really interacted much with her since then. She had some problems with communication and social interaction when we first started school, and it was believed that she would stay with her parents most of her life. We’re now in our 20s, and she has a job at the bakery my dad uses. He tells us about this interaction:)

Former Classmate: *to her coworkers, when she sees my dad walk up to the counter* “I’ll take this one. That’s [My Name]’s dad and I know him. I’m gonna serve him.”

(It’s not a lot, but just knowing that she still remembers not only me, but also my dad, after almost ten years, is really great. She always has a smile on her face, and everyone loves her. She has her own apartment and gets around town mostly on her own, and we’re all very proud of her.)

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