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Breakfast Breaking Through

| Portland, OR, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome, Employees, Non-Dialogue

Since I got my current job a little over a year ago, I’ve gone through a particular fast food restaurant’s drive-thru to pick up breakfast every week or two. I love this particular store because they are very friendly, so much so that even though I’m not there all that often they all know my name and my regular order. In the same period of time, I have been rear ended twice on the freeway I have to use to commute to work. In the worst accident my car was totaled and I suffered injuries that, while not life threatening, have had a permanent effect on my quality of life. As a result, I find commuting in bad traffic very stressful.

This particular morning, it is raining hard and there are a number of accidents along the way which makes the commute particularly bad. I decide to stop and get a hot breakfast to try and help myself relax. The woman working the drive-thru recognizes me as I give her my order. I drive to the pick-up window and start to hand her my payment as usual, but she shakes her head and hands me my food. To my shock, she told me that she was sure the morning commute had been particularly stressful for me with all the accidents, and my breakfast was on her this morning!

Her kind gesture literally brought tears to my eyes. The fact that she had noticed my stress and cared enough to try and turn the day around really made me feel terrific!


Hail To The Bus Driver, Part 4

| San Antonio, TX, USA | Awesome, Employees, Transportation

(In high school I would take three buses to and from school. Our school provided a semester pass to ride for free. One day I was robbed and had my ID stolen, so I had to start paying for the bus. The route that I caught after school was always the same driver. I am getting on bus and counting out my change.)

Regular Bus Driver: “Whoa, what’s going on? I know you’re not about to pay on my bus!”

Me: “Oh, yeah, sorry. I was robbed; they stole my bus pass and I can’t afford to buy a new one.”

Regular Bus Driver: *quietly* “How many buses do you catch after this one?”

Me: *confused* “Two more.”

Regular Bus Driver: *loudly* “HEY! What’s going on my friend!” *reaches hand out to shake mine*

Me: *shakes his hand* “Not much, same old stuff.”

Regular Bus Driver: *to me* “Shhhh!”

(I looked at what he passed me, and it was two transfers. He continued to do this for the remainder of the school year to make sure I made it home each day, and if he was going to be off, he let me know so I would have money that day.)

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Getting Ahead Of The Migraine

| Belgium | Awesome, Employees

(It is exam week and my computer has broken down this very morning, which leads to me failing the two exams I had. I had put an all-nighter the night before. I am really tired, and have cried for hours, and I have one h*** of a migraine. I have left school feeling like garbage. I go to the pharmacy, eyes red from crying for hours, to buy some painkillers even though I barely have money left.)

Me: *weakly, still sobbing* “Excuse me, do you have something for a migraine?”

Pharmacist: *without looking at me* “Yes, we have [Brand #1] or [Brand #2]. Which one…” *finally looking at me* “Oh, sweetie! Are you all right?”

Me: “Not really… I’ll have [Brand #1], please.”

(She did take the box from the shelf, but instead of selling it to me; she actually opened the box, even though I hadn’t paid for it yet, put one of the pills in my hand, and got me a glass of water.)

Pharmacist: “Here, honey… Do you want to sit in the back for a few minutes so you can rest a little?”

Me: “Oh, thank you, ma’am. That’s so nice of you!”

(That woman got me to smile for the first time through that Hellish day. Her simple demonstration of kindness made my day a lot more bearable. Thank you, lady!)


Giving Me A Lump In My Throat

| Woodgate, NY, USA | Awesome, Employees, Family & Kids

(I have just gotten back from sleepaway camp in upstate New York. Nearing the final days, I started feeling very sick, which turns out to be an infection in my throat. It gets to the point where I moan in pain every time I swallow. After leaving the camp, my family decides to stop at a restaurant to eat. I feel horrible in the restaurant and it is easy to see. I am lying in my mother’s lap, with two sweatshirts on. This interaction happens when we are paying our check.)

Mom: “Can we get this iced tea in a to-go cup? My son wants to save it for later since his throat is hurting.”

Waitress: “Sure. What’s wrong with him?”

Mom: “His throat is bothering him and we want to get him back to our hotel to get him some aspirin.”

Waitress: “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

(When the waitress came back, she not only came back with a very large cup with the tea, she also bring some of her own aspirin. Waitress, if you’re reading this, thank you. You made my night much less painful for me.)


As Clean As Water

| USA | Awesome, Employees

(I’ve gotten to know some of the cashiers at my local grocery store pretty well; we always chat while they’re ringing me up. One day, I make it all the way to my car with my groceries before I realize that the cashier didn’t charge me for the two cases of water under the cart. I quickly threw my bags into the car and pushed the cart back inside. There just happened to be an assistant manager standing right inside the door.)

Me: *a little breathless* “I’m so sorry! I was chatting and forgot to tell the cashier about my water under the cart.”

Asst. Manager: *looks genuinely surprised for a second, then smiles* “Don’t even worry about it, sweetie.”

Me: “I promise I have no problem paying for it.”

Asst. Manager: “Nope, it’s on us, for being so honest and actually pushing that all the way back in here.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

Asst. Manager: “You have a nice night, now!”

(Even though it wasn’t an expensive item, it was still great to have a nice encounter with the manager since I was the one who’d made the mistake.)

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