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Pale Potential Papa

| IL, USA | Awesome, Employees, Non-Dialogue

I’d been at work almost 14 hours one day, and was pretty worn out. People tell me that I tend to turn rather pale when I’m tired.

I am on the road, and my wife calls me.

“Please don’t freak out, but I need you to pick up a pregnancy test. The one I used tonight said it was positive, but I want to make sure…”

I head to a local big box store, and find a multi-pack of tests, so I buy that one. My wife has wanted a baby for years, and I’m sure she’ll want to triple check.

By now I’m exhausted, but I am not stressed or upset.

I go to the cashier, and she rings up the tests, and we’re waiting for the credit card to process.

I haven’t said much to the cashier, and she seems too tired or bored to even notice me.

The cashier then glances up at my face and does a double take. She seems concerned when and stares at me for a few beats.

She suddenly looks at the bag that is holding the pregnancy tests, then back at me.

She hands me my receipt, and as fast as she can, grabs the bag with the tests, wraps the bag tightly around the box, then drops the bag into another bag trying to hide what’s inside.

When she goes to hand me the double-bagged tests, she decides to wrap the whole thing tightly back up again, and hands me everything as a tiny bundle.

I laugh a little, smile at her, and tell her I’m okay. She looks a bit sad and sheepish.

I then thank her and head home.

This was five years ago; it ended up being that the pregnancy wasn’t viable.

I still think of that cashier’s attempt at helping the quite, pale, stressed-out-looking man that I was that night, and it makes me smile…

Turning Kindness Into An Art Form

| ID, USA | Art/Design, Awesome

It’s been a brutal winter, and we feel the pain of it late one night when I wake up to find a burst water pipe in one of the bedrooms. My mother and I spend the rest of that night and most of the next two days emptying the bedroom out and drying things out… and sadly, almost all the things in said bedroom are mine, as I was in the process of changing bedrooms when this happened. Among the items that suffered water damage are several art prints and sketches done by favorite artists, many irreplaceable.

Amid all the headaches dealing with uncooperative insurance and restoration companies, I end up contacting the artists in question to get quotes on what the damaged sketches were worth and if there’s any hope of purchasing replacements of the damaged prints. One artist replies very quickly with the following:

“Sorry to hear about the water damage. I hope things get sorted out fast for you and everything… As for the two prints just send me your address and I’ll get new ones in the mail to you as soon as I can. They’re on me.”

It was a small gesture, but I still teared up. This entire situation has been a headache for my mom and me, but one person’s act of kindness made a difficult situation more bearable.

No Refunds On Condolences

| GA, USA | Awesome, Employees, Pets & Animals

(My cat suddenly passed away and I called to cancel the standing order for his prescription food. I explain what happened to the customer service lady and she was lovely and expressed her condolences. The call then took a very surprising twist.)

Customer Service: I see you last order was [a month-and-a-half ago]. I’ll go ahead and refund that order for you.”

Me: “Well, I only have one bag left and really, I’m not sure when I’ll feel up to sending it back.”

Customer Service: “Oh, no, ma’am! I am refunding the entire order. You can give the last bag to a shelter or the vet’s office. This is just our way of expressing how sorry we are that he passed and how hard this time is for you.”

Me: *shocked and sobbing* “That is so sweet of you! Thank you so much.”

(A few days later I received a handwritten condolence card from the same customer service rep. The most outstanding customer service I have ever received and am telling everyone to use this site for their pet needs.)

Kind Strangers Kindness

It Took Some Back And Forth But You Got There

| Yonne, Burgundy, France | Awesome, Kind Strangers

(My mom is eligible in the French charity that distributes food packages to people with low income, so she decides to volunteer to ask for donations in the local supermarket. The charity waits behind the registers with empty shopping carts and ask to people if they want to donate part of their groceries after their purchases. While it’s obviously not an obligation, some people still have rude reactions.)

Child: *stares at my mom*

Mom: *waves*

Child: *to his dad* “Dad, what’s that?” *points at my mom*

Customer #1: *in a huff* “Don’t mind them. That’s for hobos!”

(Later in the morning…)

Mom: “Hi, would you like to donate food for charity?”

Customer #2: *unintelligible grumble*

(Later, beginning of the afternoon, my mother notices an elderly customer at the register, being very slow to get checked out. Once she gathers her groceries in her bag, she proceeds to walk towards the main entrance very slowly, barely walking. She then notices the charity stand.)

Elderly Customer: “Oh…” *looking disappointed*

(She then leaves. My mom sees her barely walking through the parking lot, carrying her groceries. Two hours later, she notices the same slow and elderly lady coming back into the store, this time pushing a shopping cart. They think nothing of it, until they notice one more hour later that she checks out with a cart filled with canned food, bottles of milk, and boxes of eggs. She then pushes the cart towards my mom, smiling…)

Elderly Customer: “Here.”

(Yes. While it was winter, and she was very old and barely walking, she did a round trip from her place back to the supermarket, just to donate a completely filled shopping cart. My mom and the other volunteers thanked her a lot, and the lady only replied with a smile, and then my mom told the other volunteers about her while they watched walk away from the supermarket, again through the parking lot. Thank you for bringing back faith in humanity, unknown nanny!)

Tipped To Be A Great Meal

| Fort Collins, CO, USA | Awesome, Employees

(My fiancée and I have a habit of fighting over the check when we go out to eat. At one of our favorite breakfast places, we have had the same waiter several times. He is really good and funny so we tip really well. We go in for breakfast and he waits on us. When it is time for the check:)

Waiter: “Which of you are going to pay?”

(We both raise our hands.)

Waiter: “Nope. Get out.”

(We were speechless and just stared at him until he said that us fighting over the check was so much fun, our meals were on him. We just stared at each other, left a tip, and left, completely speechless.)

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