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No Refunds On Condolences

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(My cat suddenly passed away and I called to cancel the standing order for his prescription food. I explain what happened to the customer service lady and she was lovely and expressed her condolences. The call then took a very surprising twist.)

Customer Service: I see you last order was [a month-and-a-half ago]. I’ll go ahead and refund that order for you.”

Me: “Well, I only have one bag left and really, I’m not sure when I’ll feel up to sending it back.”

Customer Service: “Oh, no, ma’am! I am refunding the entire order. You can give the last bag to a shelter or the vet’s office. This is just our way of expressing how sorry we are that he passed and how hard this time is for you.”

Me: *shocked and sobbing* “That is so sweet of you! Thank you so much.”

(A few days later I received a handwritten condolence card from the same customer service rep. The most outstanding customer service I have ever received and am telling everyone to use this site for their pet needs.)

That’s A-Meow-zing!

| Norfolk, England, UK | Awesome, Money, Pets & Animals

(I was in the car driving when this came on the radio. A cat had been shot repeatedly in the head by someone with an airsoft gun and had been brought into a veterinary clinic. The cat had no owner that the clinic knew of, and they were using a very popular radio station to advertise the cat’s plight and raise money to try and save it. They needed a grand total of £4,000 as the clinic has decided to foot half the bill. People call up to donate, or go into the clinic, and it’s very quick that they managed to get £500 when this call comes through.)

Host: “You’re through to [Radio Channel]; can I take your name?”

Caller: “I don’t want to give it. I want to donate, though.”

Host: “Okay, that’s great! How much do you want to donate?”

Caller: “I want to pay £7,500.”

(The host and vet representative are clearly shocked, and explain how much they’re looking for because of the split.)

Caller: “I understand that, but I don’t want the clinic to do that. It’s a nice thing to do, but they have other animals to save and I don’t want them to suffer with this. I don’t have children. I lost my husband. I don’t have to worry about overheads but I have a LOT of money. I want to pay for the entirety of the cat’s surgery. And, if no-one claims that poor cat, I’d like to give that cat a home.”

(It moved the host, the representative, me, and I’m sure a lot more listeners to tears. We later found out that the lady who donated did take the cat, and she calls up now and then to keep them posted on how he’s doing.)

Make Your Next Roommate A Puppy

| IL, USA | Kind Strangers, Pets & Animals

(I’ve always had a hard time controlling my emotions, and taking my roommate’s emotional abuse has NOT helped. On this particular day maybe two months in, I am curled up outside our building, failing – as per usual – to stop crying. I hear a voice.)

Stranger: “Go say hi.”

(I look up to see a Chihuahua puppy clamber into my lap and lick my face. A man stands nearby, smiling at me as I stroke his dog’s ears.  My roommate moved out a month later.)

Always Trust The Shy One  

| WI, USA | Pets & Animals

(I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder when I was 19, and have always found that animals help me cope. I had recently adopted an older, special needs cat from the shelter before I moved away to school, and she lived very happily with us for a few months before passing away from cancer. I was extremely torn up about it, but the vet had told me there was nothing we could do. I go to the local animal shelter planning to adopt again, and it just happens to be during their “Home for the Holidays” special, so adoption is free, which makes it easier on a broke college student like me. I spend a fair amount of time walking around the shelter, visiting with some of the cats and talking with the shelter workers. My roommate has come with me and keeps pushing me to adopt the kitten she wants, but I am waiting to feel that special connection with the right animal. Thinking I should come back next week and check again, I am about to leave when out of the corner of my eye I see what I’d thought was an empty cage, with a little grey cat hiding in his litter box in the corner. The following conversation occurs:)

Me: *to a shelter worker* “Excuse me? Can I see him?”

Shelter Worker: *looks uncomfortable* “Uh, well, he’s our shyest cat so he probably won’t do anything but hide.”

Me: “That’s okay. Can I see him?”

(She goes and gets the cat out, and he curls up as tight as he can, stuffing his face into her arm and shaking. She hands him to me and I go sit down with him, talking quietly and petting him. His fur is grimy and he is sick with a cold and has crust dried all over his face and is very thin. After a minute of sitting with me, he starts to uncurl and suddenly starts purring very loudly. He pokes his head up out of my arm and starts looking around the shelter curiously, while the shelter worker looks at me like I’ve performed some kind of witchcraft.)

Me: *smiling* “I’d like an application, please.”

(Just a few days later, little Giovanni came home with me! He was very shy and timid at first, but quickly became healthier and began to warm up to people. Since then I’ve had the joy of watching him come out of his shell. Now he’s a curious, sweet little guy. He sleeps by me on my bed every night and waits for me to get up in the morning to play, and is truly a little ray of sunshine in my life. He saved me just as much as I saved him!)

Every Dog Has Its Day

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At work, we’re able to send group messages around the floor. Recently one of the operators sent this gem:

“A woman just called in and told me that she had to take her dog to the emergency vet. He’d been bitten by a rattlesnake but they wouldn’t give him any anti-venom since they didn’t have any insurance. It was $1000 upfront. A man who had brought his own pet in overheard and paid $500 on the spot to help the woman’s dog. It’s good to hear that there are still decent people out there.”

For the record, I work in emergency dispatch and we hear many horrible things. I’m not sure why the woman called in about that or if she was calling for another reason and happened to tell the operator about her dog, but it really was a wonderful story to lift the spirits when morale can be so low with the things we hear on a daily basis.

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