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No End(erman) Of Kindness In Sight

| Gainesville, FL, USA | Adorable Children, Games

(I am at a small table set up inside the store, trying to get people to sign up for our company’s credit card. A father and his son, who is no older than seven, walks up. One of my coworkers is next to me and asks the little boy about his shirt.)

Coworker: “Do you play Minecraft?” *pointing to his Minecraft shirt*

Boy: *shyly nods*

(I happened to purchase one of the Minecraft blind boxes earlier and had the small toy at the table with me.)

Me: *shows him the cow toy* “I like Minecraft, too!”

Parent: “Oh, look, [Kid]! She likes Minecraft, too. We’ve been buying those boxes, too.”

Me: “Yeah, they’re really cute. I’m trying to get the Enderman.”

Parent: “You know they have codes on them, right?”

Me: “Really? That’s awesome. I have to look them up!”

Parent: “Yeah, well, have a good day!”

Me: “You too!”

(The two leave to find his wife and shop around the store. I push the encounter to the back of my mind as I am doing my job. About 30 minutes later, the kid comes back with one of the small Minecraft boxes in his hand. He shyly hands it to me.)

Me: “Oh, did you get another one?”

Parent: “It’s the Enderman one. He wanted to give it to you just in case you still wanted it.”

Me: *overwhelmed with happiness because he was nice enough to find it and bring it to me* “Oh, my gosh, thank you so much!”

(I thanked both the parents and the little boy. That little boy doesn’t know how much he made my day.)

Adorable Children

Boxes Of Goodness

| USA | Adorable Children, Holidays

(I am working the register a little before the Easter season begins when a woman and her three-year-old daughter approach me.)

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Customer: “I’m good. Do you remember those boxes of food that you guys were selling for the food bank around Thanksgiving?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Well I was just wondering if you are going to be selling them again during the Easter season?”

Me: “No, unfortunately we only sell them around Thanksgiving.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. I was just wondering because my daughter saved up all her money during that time and bought two or three boxes with it.”

Me: *to her daughter* “That’s awesome!! You’re such a good little girl!”

(It made me smile to think about a three-year-old making a huge difference to families who wouldn’t have food otherwise.)

Adorable Children

Lapping Up The Cosplay

| Montreal, QC, Canada | Adorable Children, Art/Design, Geeks Rule

I occasionally work at conventions for a local gaming store when they need a few extra hands. It’s been a long day and the dealer’s room has just closed, but the convention itself is still going strong. All of my coworkers have gone off to meet other friends, and I’m feeling a little lonely since I’m spending the weekend away from my fiancée. I decide to walk around the convention a little anyway and then sit down on a bench to play with my 3DS.

Since this is an anime and gaming convention, there are tons of cosplayers everywhere. The convention centre is in the downtown, and sometimes you’ll see ‘convention tourists,’ or people who obviously know nothing about the convention but are gawking at all the strange costumes. I’m dressed all in black and red, with a long black hooded cloak, heavy combat boots, devil’s horns and black lipstick, and I probably look pretty intimidating.

Suddenly there’s a tug on my cloak, and I look up from my game to see a little boy about four years old beaming at me. He says something in French I don’t understand just as his father catches up, smiling sheepishly. His father says the boy wants his picture taken with me. Of course I say yes, and the boy crawls right into my lap, still beaming, so his dad can take a picture. Then he thanks me, and off they go.

I was dressed as an obscure character from a popular web-comic. There’s no way either father or son actually knew who I was dressed as. I have no idea why the little boy decided the girl in the dark cloak and demon horns was the one he wanted a photo with, but it was the highlight of my weekend!

Adorable Children

That Five Bucks Is Priceless

| ON, Canada | Adorable Children

(I work in a very small grocery store. We have regulars, and many people from the reserve just out of town come shopping there too. They’re usually fairly quiet and keep to themselves. Today a cheery older man from the reserve came in to buy some snacks and something quick for dinner. He’s always like that, probably the most talkative customer from the reserve. He’s always got something to talk about and he’s very nice. Behind me, my coworker is ringing through a very young boy and his dad. I finish bagging the older man’s groceries, and this happens…)

Older Man: *paying in cash* “Here you go!” *accidentally drops $5 on the floor*

Boy: *picks it up and goes to hand it to him*

Older Man: *smiling* “No, finders keepers, right? It’s yours.”

Boy: “Really?”

(At this point the boy looks shocked and excited.)

Older Man: “Yes, sir!”

Boy: *runs to his dad* “Daddy! Daddy! Look!” *showing the $5 to his dad*

Boy’s Dad: *looks at the older man and smiles* Wow! $5! What are you gonna buy with that?”

Older Man: *nods at boy’s dad, grabs his groceries, and leaves, smiling the whole time*

A Cookie Tin Win

| IL, USA | Adorable Children, Field Trip

I teach a sixth-grade class, which is preparing to go on two field trips. Both of these field trips are supposed to be paid for in full by a grant from the state. As I am teaching my class I get a call. The grant didn’t pay for the whole trip like it was supposed to. I would either have to leave one kid at the school while the rest of the class goes on the second trip or I would have to come up with $25 to pay out of my pocket. I would have gladly paid the $25 but didn’t have the money yet.

A few days after receiving the call I lead my class down to their art class, and then head back upstairs to grade papers. When I get upstairs I notice a small cookie tin sitting on my desk. I open it up and there is $25 in small bills and change along with a note that reads:

“I wanted to pay my own way for the Springfield trip so you don’t have to pay for it out of your pocket. -Anonomous” [sic]

The kid who did it was a very thoughtful young man and was very mature for his age. If you are reading this I just want to thank you again. It is still the most thoughtful thing a student has done for me.

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